• Fall 2021 Train Show Schedule for upstate New York

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by lvrr325
Confirmed dates for the fall are here enough I can start this list now. Confirmed are in Bold and are done via web page or mailer from the show.

If it's in italic it's not confirmed as of July 10, updates will follow in later posts and the date is an educated guess. RIT for instance the fall semester doesn't even start for another month, so their web page has not been updated yet. But I feel comfortable in presuming the date for that and for the WNYRHS show.

I don't have any TCA dates. I presume they'll do a few shows, one in the Buffalo area and perhaps one in the Elmira-Horseheads or Corning area. A wildcard, the South Glens Falls folks may have their show, but I've no idea what date since it changed by about a month the last time they held it from years previous.

September -

Weekend 9/11-9/12 - Clayton NY - 1000 Islands Model Train Fair, Cerow Rec Park Arena

weekend 9/11-9/12 - Buffalo NY - Buffalo Central Terminal Train Show

Weekend 9/25-9/26 - Massena NY - Train, Toy and Collectible Expo, Massena Arena (confirmed per North Country Trains web page)

Sunday 9/26 - Amsterdam NY - Rails Along The Mohawk, AT&HS show, Riverfront Center, postponed multiple times

I left out the Port Jervis show since that page has never been updated and the fall Kingston show didn't happen for a couple of years prior to the pandemic so I would be shocked if it returns particularly now that Amsterdam is on that date. While it's not a conflict for too many attendees it would be for some vendors.

October -

Sunday 10/10 - Buffalo (Depew) - TTCS Buffalo Falling Leaves show, Polish Falcons

Sunday 10/17 - Batavia - GSME Great Batavia Train Show, GCC Call Arena

TTCS shows an Olean show with no date yet. Scranton show should be last Sunday of the month, as would be the TTOS Trainorama in Buffalo.

November -

Weekend 11/6-11/7 - Syracuse, Great New York State Model Train Fair, NYS Fairgrounds

Sunday 11/7 - Poughkeepsie - Hyde Park Station Annual Train & Hobby Show, Mid Hudson Civic Center

Weekend 11/13-11/14 - Fulton - Oswego Valley Model RR Club fall show, Volney Fire Department

Saturday 11/13 - Binghamton - Binghamton Regional Train Show, Legion Post 1645

Saturday 11/13 (or 11/20) - Albany - Albany Train Show, Polish Community Center Washington Ave. Ext.

Weekend 11/20-11/21 - Buffalo - WNYRHS Train & Toy show, Erie County Fairgrounds

TTCS shows a Rochester show pending with no date or location, usually this is Thanksgiving weekend as is a little show in Norwich.


Sunday 12/5 - Buffalo (N. Tonawanda) - TTCS Trains in the Tonawandas show, Knights Of Columbus Erie Ave

Sunday 12/5 - Albany - Great Train Extravaganza, Empire Convention Center

Weekend 12/11-12 - Rochester - RIT Tiger Tracks, RIT Gordon Field House
- Corrected Dates

Typically Broadway Market in Buffalo has a small show the next weekend and in 2019 there was a show towards Niagara Falls the same weekend.
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  by lvrr325
Ahh yes. Unfortunately I can't go back and edit it now. When they update their website I'll have a post with confirmation of correct date. Or if they've run an ad somewhere in the meantime.
  by nomis
Fixed it for you.
  by umtrr-author
It was posted "on another network" that there will not be a show at Buffalo Central Terminal this year. I'll see if I can dig out the citation and post later-- I saw it on Facebook and searching that is (expletive deleted) :( .

Meanwhile, if you can't wait until Fall, I will be participating in the Laurelton Neighborhood Garage Sale in Irondequoit (near Rochester) on Saturday, July 24 and maybe Sunday, July 25. We'll have a variety of Railroad Books and other Railroadiana Items including locomotive manuals and other stuff that fits the group category (still going through things). Nearly all books $5 or less (and some FREE!). We'll also have N and HO Scale model trains reasonably priced (but not "bottom feeder" priced-we know the market). Come see us adjacent to Netsins Ice Cream (easiest way to locate us)... shop early for best selection! If the garage door is open, we're here!
  by umtrr-author
Still looking for the specific citation on no BCT show this year, but meanwhile I have an addition - a Five Day Event from Wednesday, August 25 to Sunday, August 29. This is from a post on "another network"...

Mark your calendar for the end of August to plan to attend one or all five days of our Railway Heritage Discovery Festival.

As the COVID restrictions are being lifted, it is time to get back to doing some fun stuff. From Wednesday August 25th thru Sunday August 29th, the WESTERN NEW YORK RAILWAY HISTORICAL SOCIETY will be hosting a series of events at our Williamsville Lehigh Valley Depot, Orchard Park BR&P Depot, Heritage DiscoveRY Center Buffalo and also in Hamburg to showcase the progress made over the past year at the Depots and at the HDC.

Details of the events are still being finalized, so keep coming back for updates. See the new diesel engine at Williamsville, the restoration progress at Orchard Park. Tour some vintage Equipment at Hamburg.

On Saturday & Sunday at the Heritage DiscoveRY Center Buffalo we are planning to have an outdoor Train Show area for our railroad and model train vendors. Cost for a 15' space is just $20 for both days. Rain or Shine. Bring your own table, chairs and/or popup tent. If you need more information, email [email protected] or call (716) 821-9360. Or mail your space reservation to : WNYRHS 100 Lee St Buffalo, NY 14210.

Again, Stay tuned and like our (Facebook) page to receive the updated schedule of events planned for this 5-Day event.
  by umtrr-author
Somewhat out of the geographic area but the Greater Toronto Train Show is officially off for 2021.


Bummer, eh, since it looks like the US/Canada border might be reopened by then based on the news report I read last night. We look forward to attending since it's got a different variety of vendors and displays. Jason Shron usually shows up with his full size Rapido Bus.
  by lvrr325
The WNYRHS event certainly qualifies for a listing -

Weekend 8/28-8/29 - Buffalo - WNYRHS outdoor summer train show, Heritage DiscoveRY Center

My only critique of this is I would give people 20x20 spots they could park on and set up so those who want to stay over can do so, the same as many car shows do. It's too much work to tear down and then set back up again Sunday, and I wouldn't want to leave my stuff there while I was miles away in a motel room. But if it works for them great.

Canada has their own situation going that makes no real sense but that's a discussion for somewhere else. Toronto has always been outside the scope of this list, while a few non-NY shows make it on here due to their proximity or size I try to keep it to just those lots of readers are likely to attend.

I will go on to say I did an auto event this last weekend that normally sees Canadian participation and I sold fine, in fact in my book better than a couple of normal years by a good percentage, so it may not hurt dealers as much as they might expect to not have those customers yet.

And BCT is no loss for me, I've never been because it's opposite another auto event that is very close to home. I do those over the summer months, I bring a little bit of train stuff but just a little. So I don't know what it's like for the guys who do vend there, if they will miss it or not.
  by lvrr325
New Date -

Weekend Sept 11-12 - Hemlock, NY - FCTT Train Show, Hemlock Fairgrounds.

Where the heck is Hemlock, NY? About 25 miles south of Rochester on 15A, more or less in the middle of nowhere. I would guess this is to replace the BCT show, and possibly also Clayton which as of yet I've seen nothing to confirm either way on but I am leaning towards it's not happening since searches bring up absolutely nothing for a 2021 date and we're only two weeks out.

I wish them luck; I'm already booked elsewhere, but even without that I doubt I'd risk the expense between the table cost and the driving required; it's so far away from any motel with a reasonable rate I'd probably just drive home and that's an extra three hours driving I could do without. It's fine for the Rochester area guys who live close, I'm not that close. So I would expect you will see guys out of that group of vendors selling there.
  by umtrr-author
I went to Hemlock. This was a great opportunity to see the FCTT layout in its full glory; at least I've never seen it in that large a size before. There was plenty of room for the Monopoly Train (really!) being pulled by a Big Boy. A friend of mine was also there with an HO Scale Inglenook switching layout for young (and older) engineers to try out.

There were a few vendors, emphasizing O Gauge, not surprisingly given the hosts. The Medina Railroad Museum was there. I was told that there was a surge at the beginning of the day but otherwise it was relatively quiet.

This was scheduled the same weekend as Clayton. One of the N Scale dealers I know was coming over from New Hampshire to be there-- but for him that's a SHORT drive as he travels around the country. Someone I ran into following the Hemlock show was planning to go to Clayton tomorrow. He is a regular there and mentioned that it might be impacted by Canadians not yet being able to cross the border.
  by tree68
Clayton was not heavily attended - likely continuing fallout from the virus, and the fact that Canadians were noticeably absent.
But it was still a good show.
  by lvrr325
Part of the problem for Clayton is probably a complete lack of advertising. I couldn't find anything on it anywhere, including on the website for the venue, as close as two weeks to the event. I assumed it was cancelled.

Hemlock, the promo info said up to 100 tables. Sounds like they didn't sell that many.

The event I did was perfectly normal, although being outdoors a short sprinkle of fat drops about 11:45 scared people off and kind of wiped it out, my sales were normal and in line with past years. The field was pretty full, too, a normal amount of vendors came.

Looks like the next train event up is the Amsterdam show on the 26th. I think there's also a Massena show that weekend.
  by videobruce
The Hamburg show isn't cast in stone yet??