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  by c415Rock
Hi everyone I am new this fourm and I'm about to start a new modeling project. I
need some help with info on the F40PH's.

1st. Are there any major spotting features between a F40PH & a F40PH-2 or is it
just electronic upgrades?

2nd. When did Metra start putting ditch lights on the F40PH's?

3rd. Do any of the F40PH's or dash2 have RV style roof top A/C units, or is this
an upgrade made to the units being rebuilt by Progressive Rail?

4th.When did the F40PH's get painted into the current Metra Blue/Orange scheme
from the as delivered RTA Blue/Brown/Orange paint?

Thanks in advance for any help!
  by c604.
1. There is a difference in fuel tank size.

2. Around 1992-1993. The F40PH-2M's however, were delivered with ditch lights.

3. Yes they do, the A/C units were put on around ten years ago.

4. I'm not sure on the exact start time but I remember seeing RTA painted units into 1994 or even 95.
  by AMTKHawkeye
1. Progress Rail is replacing the fuel tanks on the F40PH units as they go down for their rebuilding. The new tanks are much larger (don't know capacity offhand), and they feature an angled design of flat steel with subtle bends, versus the traditional curved sides that EMD produced. (Boy, that's hard to describe in words).

It will be interesting to see, if/when any F40PH-2 units (#128 and up) go in for the rebuild, whether their already larger fuel tanks will be retained or replaced.
  by F40CFan
One other spotting feature, the fuel tank on the F40PH/F40PH-3 is in front of the rear truck whereas the F40PH-2/F40PHM-2 fuel tank is forward, just behind the front truck.
  by Engineer Spike
The air conditioning was put on in the late '90s. I remember an engineer getting sick one summer day waiting for the highball. It is very hot and smokey under the Post Office. When this happened, I remember the company saying that the ac was for the electronics in the cab signal system. LOL