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  • Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.
Discussion relating to commuter rail, light rail, and subway operations of the MBTA.

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  by JacobKoppel
Commuterrail1050 wrote: Fri Apr 08, 2022 9:04 am Anyone aware of any units to be shipped west?
1034 & 1059
  by TrainFan1035
So that will Make 1027 the last unit to be Unrebuilt
  by Commuterrail1050
That’s incorrect. You still have 1030, 1055, 1071, and 1072 after these are sent.
  by JacobKoppel
Commuterrail1050, Those units were rebuilt in-house in 2017-2018.
  by TrainFan1035
1027 is the only NON Rebuild without the in house overhaul program
  by BandA
Have to have a "control group" to compare to...
  by Commuterrail1050
Sorry, I thought you guys were referring to how many left in this overhaul program. I didn’t realize you meant rebuilt period. In that case, 1027 is left once 1034 and 1059 get shipped west. Still not seeing that happen quite yet.
  by JacobKoppel
1027 has been added to the shipment of engines to next go out to MPI making the total 3 now. 1027, 1034, & 1059. Those were the last 3 2C F40s with steel bells. Those steel bell F40s were probably the most iconic MBTA engines in the 21st century...
  by Commuterrail1050
Welp we can say goodbye to the original F40’s in 2C/phm. :(
  by mbrproductions
I guess it's time to say goodbye to the good old steelies of the MBTA, I really am going to miss that iconic sound at North Station :(
  by TrainFan1035
Welp, so much for saying 1027 being the final non rebuilt F40PH-2C lol
  by Commuterrail1050
Including these units, we have 8 total that needs to be rebuilt to 3C. After these 3 get sent assuming that 1027, 34, and 59 are next, we will have 1036, 1055, 1071, and 1072 left over as the only ones left, although they did have an in-house rebuild. The only ones that are running that I know of currently are 1036, 1071, and 1072.
  by JacobKoppel
The 2Cs left are: 1030 (Work Train- No HEP), 1036, 1055 (Work Train- No HEP), 1071, 1072
  by Commuterrail1050
Now we only have 3 being used for revenue service then. I guess then next year this program will be completed since it takes about a year to rebuild them completely. Wow. Any word on whether 1062 got released yet from mpi?
  by GP40MC1118
It was out testing, but apparently had issues. So back into the plant. No other reports of it being back out testing.
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