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  by 9C1LT1
Hi guys,

Well I have finally got around to scanning in some of my F40C photos from my visit to Chicago in 2001. These photos are from June of 2001, the last time I was in Chicago. I was aware of their then upcoming retirement at the time and purposely diverted to this station to take some pictures, it was luck I picked the station where the yard is! Town name started with an E I think, the name escapes me... The quality of the scans are fair, I wasn’t yet shooting digital in those days…

F40C photo link:



  by MikeF
The city name you're looking for is Elgin.

  by Milwaukee_F40C
Nice shots. I see you got 611 and 614 together, those are the two that ended up staying. The flat sided coaches are all gone too.

  by 9C1LT1
Hey guys,

Glad everyone likes the pics! Here are some movies from that same afternoon. Be sure to turn up the sound!




  by MetraRy
very nice! I sure miss seeing the F40c's and the flatsided painted cars in service.

  by F40CFan
NICE, Thanks.