Discussion related to commuter rail and transit operators in California past and present including Los Angeles Metrolink and Metro Subway and Light Rail, San Diego Coaster, Sprinter and MTS Trolley, Altamont Commuter Express (Stockton), Caltrain and MUNI (San Francisco), Sacramento RTD Light Rail, and others...

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Metro K line cab view from Expo/Crenshaw to Westchester - YouTube

I've found several other videos, about this now-open line, like Riding the Metro k line up and back. Full ride - YouTube

Metro’s K Line Is Open! Rail Returns to Crenshaw Boulevard, the Heart of Black Los Angeles – Streetsblog Los Angeles - "Metro expects to open another light rail project – the downtown L.A. Regional Connector subway – in early 2023, likely in or around February."
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Foothill Gold Line - the line's bridges are taking shape, including bridges over intersections. A delivery of rail -- by rail. The Gold Line parallels a branchline that was used by a train with a big load of rail for the new line. Also, Thermite welding of the rails.

Projects Archive - LA Metro has a big list, including some regional-rail projects.
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Projects Archive - LA Metro - recently had a big makeover, as did all the individual-project pages.

These are all projected dates, and they may change.
  1. Regional Connector: 2023
  2. Airport Metro Connector: 2024
  3. Purple Line (D): #1 to La Cienega: 2024, #2 to Century City: 2025, #3 to VA Hospital: 2027
  4. Foothill Extension (L): to Pomona: 2025, to Montclair: 2028
  5. East San Fernando Light Rail: southern segment starts construction 2023, opens 2028 - 2030
  6. Vermont Corridor (a busway?): 2028 - 2030
  7. Torrance (C): 2030 - 2033
  8. Sepulveda line: 2033 - 2035
  9. Eastside 2 (L): 2035
  10. West Santa Ana: 2041
  11. North Crenshaw (K): opens 2047
  12. Aerial Rapid Transit (LAUS - Dodger Stadium): ?
The first four are under construction, and the others are in various stages of planning and design.
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Metro submits funding application for high priority rail projects to compete for $1.9 billion in new state funding | The Source (typo corrected)
Listing these projects:
  • East San Fernando Valley: a north-south light-rail line
  • L/Gold Line extension from Pomona to Montclair - already under construction from Azusa to Pomona
  • West Santa Ana line: Artesia - downtown LA light-rail line
Though this project did not make the cut, its designers have continued their planning efforts: Metro Board approves route for Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 light rail project | The Source - about halfway from East LA to Whittier, ending in Greenwood in Montebello.

Groundbreaking held for advance utility work on East San Fernando Valley light rail project | The Source

Foothill Gold Line Construction Updates with the Fall 2022 one. Construction is over half done, and should be done by early 2025.

The freight rail line was relocated from the middle outward in either direction, and its bridges are now all rebuilt. At-grade street crossings are now mostly done, and the work has shifted to the light-rail bridges, the light-rail tracks, and other such parts. Of the four light-rail bridges, three are now done, and the remaining one should be done this month. Also done is the cutting of some of the streets that cross the line.

"Major construction activities: Aug. 2020 - early 2024"

The freight line is south of the new line at the west end of it, and crosses from south to north at Lone Hill Blvd and stays on that side all the way to Pomona. To continue on to Claremont and Montclair, the light-rail line must cross the freight line again before arriving at Claremont - that line meets the Metrolink line a little east of Tower Ave. East of there, the right-of-way looks rather cramped.
  by lpetrich
Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) available for C Line (Green) Extension to Torrance | The Source

They have decided on which route. The C Line currently ends at Redondo Beach station at Marine Ave, where it parallels a freight line. It will continue to parallel that line for the length of the extension. It will go to surface level, then become elevated to go over Inglewood Ave. and Manhattan Beach Blvd., and when it returns to ground level, it will be just east of the freight line, which will be moved and rebuilt. The two rail lines have an at-grade crossing at 17th St. and go over underpasses for Artesia Blvd. and Grant Ave, and the light-rail line has a station at Redondo Beach Transit Center.

It then crosses 182nd St. at grade, and goes over Hawthorne Blvd. and 190th St. Then another at-grade stretch which Prairie Ave. goes over, then an elevated stretch before Del Amo Blvd. crosses it. Then an at-grade stretch to the Torrance Transit Center station and end of the line, a little before Crenshaw Blvd.

The second option is to go in a trench between the existing end of the line and Hawthorne Blvd. / 190th St., though going at grade to cross Artesia and Grant Aves. The third option is to go elevated to Hawthorne Blvd. then elevated in that street to 190th St. Both options are like the first one south of 190th St.

C Line (Green) Extension to Torrance Project Simulation Video - YouTube - shows all three options.
  by pdtrains
Thanks for the link to the green line (whatever its called now) extension to Torrance. Id vote for the route that goes down Hawthorne Blvd, but whatever.

I thought originally the line was supposed to go to old downtown Torrance. Now its going the the "Transit Center" Os that already built, or another thing in the planning. It used to be a chemical company that had rail service.
Is there anyone at Alcoa that uses rail anymore.. The locals used to do hours of switching in that area years ago...now next to nothing left..like the rest of the LA Basin, tho.

IDK why they would build a transit center north of the SF tracks on crenshaw...there's nothing there other than refineries. Unless they are knocking the refineries down, and putting up more condos and another mall. Just what Torrance needs.....more condos and another mall.

Idk think building a transit center at Del Amo mall would make more sense,...altho i dont know if thats actually in Torrance....
  by lensovet
In order:

- Transit Center is supposed to open later this year. https://www.torranceca.gov/our-city/pub ... l-terminal
- Did you watch the video? It literally calls out that the city plans to have additional development near the station
- I'd love to hear how having more refineries in someone's back yard is preferred to having places to live and buy things. I mean it's not like California has a glut of housing available last I checked.
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