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  by The Man
Anyone have a list of the RDC cars still around? The only ones I seem to be able to find are-

M-402, URHS.
M-403, CNY NRHS Syracuse, NY.
M-404? Lost to a fire?
M-407, CMSL.
M-408, URHS.
M-409 CMSL?
M-410 CMSL?

  by glennk419
M-404 and M-412 were destroyed in a fire at Camden in 1958. M-406 was burned in Atlantic City in the early 80's by vandals while awaiting repairs after a grade crossing accident. M-407 and M-410 are serviceable on the CMSL, 6 of the remaining surviving 7 are stored inoperable at Tuckahoe with M-408 being in the best condition of that remaining batch.