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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by UN Block

All I can say is Thank Heavens somebody out there recorded all of this info. BTW, I have details, just like that (!), for every steel passenger car ever owned by the LIRR! You talk about a mountain o' information!
  by Mountcastle
UN Block:

You must be the Long Island Railroad counterpart of our BSORPatarak. He has encyclopaedic knowledge of everything that ever rolled on the A&A's tracks (and can tell you what color it was painted in what year).

Do you happen to have any pictures of the interior of one of these ping-pongs?
  by UN Block

I don't have any images of the "Pings" in service (they came out of service the year I started shooting slides) but check out the thread on the Long Island RR forum in Railroad.net. There's an image of the interior there.
  by Mountcastle
For those of us HO scale Arcade & Attica modellers out there, Funaro & Camerlengo makes Ping Pongs in HO:


Unfortunately, the price per each for a single coach is quite hefty...and, of course, the A&A only has one.
  by trainspot
Thank you, UN Block! I just found this looking for something else, what a great disposition roster!
Here's an interior photo, and some had celing fans. This may have been taken after this car left LI:

  by Mountcastle
Fascinating shot.

The addition of the ping-pong coach to the train will be the next big thing to look forward to. It seems the Arcade & Attica has developed quite a knack, lately, for giving her fans new things to look forward to.

Surely the Arcade & Attica advances, and I look with ever greater anticipation to the novelties and improvements the railroad has in store for the future. There was a time when I was worried that the Arcade & Attica wouldn't live to see the 21st century. But lately, I am confident that the A&A has emerged from her decline with the help of a number of dedicated people determined to see her not only survive, but thrive.

Well done, A&A.
  by EMTRailfan
Sorry to bump, but does the A&A have 2 of the former KKRR coaches or just KKRR 7002 (A&A 313)? I thought that I saw somewhere that they got KKRR 7069 at some point too. Might not have necessarily been from the auction. If so, any pics?
  by BSOR Patarak
No the A&A didn't get another coach from the K&K at any time, only the one from the auction.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Just this one...

  by howie729
The coach is now parked with the box cars behind Reisdorff's.
  by thebigham
Is it back on its trucks? I assume so.
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  by Mountcastle
Will it be raedy for next season, does anybody know?
  by BSOR Patarak
It turns out that it has an issue with the trucks that are under it. So, a panel track has been built and it will go to Curriers and the Porter will be moved up next to it. The bath rooms will be plumbed to the well and some form of septic/sanitary system. The plan is to have an improvement over the porta-johns. The rest of the coach can also be utilized for food sales or the like....though I suppose this could change.