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  by EWRneighbor
I am urging all those involved to consider a half mile extension of the EWR airtrain north to HUNTER JUNCTION in Newark, NJ. This could be the future site of a major transit hub to facilitate a one seat ride on the Raritan Valley line and proposed West Trenton line. Future connections could go eastbound into Jersey City via the existing LVRR bridge and southeast into Elizabethport's Grand Island junction and on to Staten Island via the existing rail bridge. Furthermore, a southbound,connection from the M&E line to the NEC in Harrison would provide a one seat ride to the airport for those passengers. They can even bypass Newark's Penn station since a stop there would be redundant. The site is a huge piece of property belonging to Amtrak. It would be a shame to overlook the potential that this location affords.
  by CNJGeep
Aren't they bringing path to the airport to replace that hunk of junk?
  by EWRneighbor
A PATH extension to the airtrain would still mean a change of trains for all except the NEC. The technology exists today for smooth intermodalism; coordinated interlocking and package tracking. Applying it to commercial air travel is just a matter of doing it. Someday you will be able to purchase an airline ticket and check your,bags at a transit stop near you. The LIRR should,be looking into this for LGA and JFK. Metro North for BDL and STW. Patco and Septa for PHL. It's the future of air travel. The holiday traffic jams at the airline terminals will be a thing of the past. That extra half mile of airtrain will,be a game changer. It will be a model for every existing airport in the country.
  by andrewjw
EWRneighbor, you misread CNJGeep. CNJGeep says path to *the airport* - replacing the AirTrain. Everyone would have to change trains to PATH just as they currently change for AirTrain (and would change for AirTrain in your proposal).
  by Patrick Boylan
CNJGeep, andrewjw, how certain are you that PATH will go to the airport?
New Jersey governor or the reporter or both mix up airtrain station and airport.
Even if PATH goes to the airport will it be efficient for normally long PATH trains to make as many stops inside the airport as the much shorter airtrain trains do? I bet there will still be a separate internal distribution system from one or only a few PATH stations.
How many other cities' airport external rail services have multiple stops within the airport? I can think only of Philadelphia, 7 terminals. If I remember correctly at one of the train's platforms they make 2 stops to serve the stairs for each of the 2 terminals between which the platform lies. At the other platforms the trains stop in the middle.
https://www.njspotlight.com/2019/01/19-01-22-murphy-wants-to-replace-newark-airport-monorail-no-more-bubble-gum-fixes/ wrote: was also asked about the Port Authority’s long-term plan to extend its PATH service from Newark Penn Station to the same Newark Liberty station that currently links the AirTrain with NJ Transit and Amtrak.
stressed the need for there to be good planning to ensure the monorail or its successor could handle the increased demand that would be caused by extending the PATH to the airport
  by EWRneighbor
The current proposals are for a NEW airtrain replacement. PATH would only extend to airtrain. My proposal is to relocate airtrain one half mile north to HUNTER JUNCTION to provide a one seat ride on the Raritan Valley line and the proposed West Trenton line. The Morris and Essex line can be connected to the southbound NEC in Harrison. All other former Erie lines can be connected to the southbound NEC. PATH would only have to be extended to Hunter. A new station at Hunter would provide for a one seat ride to the airport from everywhere.
  by TSTII
The Morris and Essex line can be connected to the southbound NEC in Harrison.

Where, how ?
  by andrewjw
Patrick, I never said PATH will go to the airport ;)
I just said that was what CNJGeep said.
  by EWRneighbor
From the messages I received, they haven't made any firm decisions yet and probably won't anytime soon. Thanx.