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  by NeoArashi
... taking a train ride? I mean, you take a train ride purely because you feel like it. I'm actually strongly considering it for my trip to Lac St-Jean in 2 weeks. I'm going to camp in Chambord for 2 nights. I was originally planning to take the bus for both trips, but now, and even if it means it's going to cost me 100$ more ( going there with my girlfriend) We'll most likely going to take the train from Chambord to Montreal, then take the bus there. Officially a 8 hour trip, due to the Senneterre-Montreal train always being late,This will likely be a 9 hour trip at least :)
  by marquisofmississauga
Yes, many times. Recently a friend and I took train #50 for no other reason than to sample the new Business Class interior of the one refurbished VIA 1 car. (With its spacious "2+1" seating it could be called First Class.) There are times when I haven't been on a train for a long time - a month or so! - I take advantage of one of VIA's big sales and go from Toronto to London and back and have lunch in the Business Class car. I have friends who do more eccentric trips than that. Until recently, twice a year they would take the Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver, have lunch, then get back on the train to return to Toronto. With the revised scheduling they can't return the same day, so their trips west have been reduced. Obviously this couple prefer riding the train to staying in a hotel.
  by Montrealrail1
I do sometime,taking Montreal to Toronto,have a TTC streetcar and subway ride,visit CN tower and train museum at the bottom of the tower,and get back in the train to Montreal,most of my travel,I take the train if there are a train :wink: