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  by NHV 669
A little over two weeks away, and booking is apparently still out to lunch....
  by Train60
I just tried to book a ticket from Burlington Union Station to NYP for July 29th (Day 1) and it worked fine.

The Amtrak website shows that Burlington to Ferrisburgh-Vergennes (the 1st stop) is 90% full so the time to book is now if you need to be on the first train.
  by Train60
Just tried to book a ticket from Burlington to NY Penn on Fri 7/29.

What the heck is this? (the text in the top left corner)


My guess is that the train is sold out somewhere along the route. If that's the case why don't they just say, "This train is sold out."
  by nomis
It must be something of a glitch as the next station, VRN, Ferrisburgh works for Fri 7/29 and shows 60% occupancy. Future dates work from the BTN station though.
  by Train60
Allouette wrote: Thu Jul 21, 2022 6:06 am More likely it's Vermont officials getting their photo ops on the first run by riding to Vergennes.
Maybe so, but the real issue here is why display a confusing message like this. I tried the Amtrak App just now and the message is clear for this trip on the 29th: "SOLD OUT"
  by NHV 669
An article by SevenDaysVt writer Alison Novak who rode the train on Opening Day from Burlington:

https://m.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/our-r ... d=36159623
I arrived at Burlington's Union Station last Friday to catch a 10:10 a.m. train — and found a giant early morning party. I was about to climb on the inaugural Ethan Allen Express train from Burlington to New York City. It would be the first time a train carried people between the two cities since 1953, when a Rutland Railroad workers' strike ended the line's passenger service.

Scores of people — some in suits and ties, others in tank tops and shorts — milled around the 106-year-old station's ground floor, sipping coffee, noshing on cinnamon rolls from Great Harvest Bread and spilling onto the train platform. A man in a tie-dye T-shirt hippie-danced to a live funk duo while blazer-clad politicians exchanged handshakes and pleasantries.
  by Ridgefielder
If you told me 30 years ago that in 2022 Inland Route service from NY to Boston via Hartford and Worcester was long gone, but they'd brought back the NY section of the Rutland's Green Mountain Flyer I flat out would not have believed it.
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