Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by trainbrain
The service patterns on some lines call for running a shorter route at certain times of day. What is done in terms of equipment rotations when transitioning from the longer to the shorter route and vice versa? For example, the first (5) train each to continue into Manhattan and Brooklyn each morning departs East 180th Street at 5:12am, reaching Flatbush Ave at 6:20am. There are three (5) trains on the schedule that depart Flatbush Ave going northbound before that time, so I'm guessing the equipment for those runs come southbound as (2) trains.

The first northbound (5) to begin in Brooklyn doesn't arrive Dyre Ave until 7:12am. That means all the trains before it are shuttles. Any put-ins from East 180th Street likely run empty from East 180th Street to Dyre Ave, as there are only shuttle trains running northbound for much of the AM rush.

The more confusing one is when the (5) transitions from terminating in Brooklyn to terminating at Bowling Green on weekday evenings. The last train to originate at Flatbush Ave departs at 8:32pm. The last three southbound (5) trains to serve Brooklyn go to Crown Heights Utica Ave, so there are no (5) trains scheduled to terminate at Flatbush after that time. The first southbound (5) to terminate at Bowling Green arrives at 8:48. As we all know, (5) trains use the South Ferry inner loop to turn around when terminating there, but the first northbound (5) to originate there isn't until 9:06pm. There is another southbound (5) to terminate there at 9:00, so that is likely the train that turns to the 9:06 departure. What happens to that first train? Does it move over to the 7th Ave line and become a (2) train at Chambers Street? Does it run empty back to the yard? I have no idea at all.
  by checkthedoorlight
The first couple of 5 trains in the morning come out of Livonia Yard, then go into service either right at New Lots, or run lite to Franklin and then change ends to run down to Flatbush to go into service. Evening service isn't complicated. The last 5 out of Flat is the 2032, which gets to Bowling Green at 2057. Then you have the 2106 out of Bowling Green which came down as the 1952 Dyre-Green, arrived at Green at 2048, then held in the inner loop until it makes the 2106.
  by trainbrain
Interesting. The schedule also shows the final three southbound (5) trains that go into Brooklyn terminating at Crown Heights Utica Ave, so those are the ones that run on the first trains the following day.