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  by va3ori
Just wondering if someone can help me with some background on this unit. It is a box on a single B truck with standard couplers. On top of the box is a pair of cylinders and some other paraphernalia (strobe?, etc.). On the side of the unit is the information "220 VOLTS AC WHILE CHARGING" which leads me to believe it is a giant battery on flanged wheels. It is lettered CONRAIL, is in CR blue and the photo I've seen is dated 2002 with a Norfolk Southern locomotive plainly in view in the background.

The assumption I am making is that it is a battery powered shop lug. If someone would please correct my assumption if needs be and give me some history of this critter, I'd really appreciate the effort!

  by Ol' Loco Guy
Your assumption is correct. It is a B truck set up to be motored by a set of loco batteries. This sounds like a NYC invention-they had at least one of these things at the backshop years ago.