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  by airman00
I get it. So why doesn't NJT just get the juniata company to do the work? Just contract them out and get 502 going again. All it takes is someone in charge to make a phonecall and set it up. One other question for anyone who knows: Is the prr caboose out of service as well, since it's been stuck on 502 for a while? Or is it there for a reason, i.e. it's assigned to 502 once it gets going again.
  by Kaback9
I'm almost 100% sure the hack is coupled to it just to store it there when not needed.
  by chuchubob
Kaback9 wrote:I'm almost 100% sure the hack is coupled to it just to store it there when not needed.
Bingo! The PRR cabin car is owned by Juniata Terminal, and is in operating condition.
  by airman00
Well that makes sense. In any event let's hope 502 gets going again soon. Any idea why there letting it sit? I know it needs repair, so why drag your feet? On a related note, does NJT own any cabooses? Then they wouldn't have to lease one. I thought I read they had a #906 still on roster?
  by airman00
Anybody have any new update on #502? She was broken down and was needing repair. Is she up and running again?
  by TREnecNYP
I think they should let brookville do a repaint and a refresh to the older parts, i think it being in grey with the swoosh slant stripe would look nice. I only got to see 502 once at hoboken, it was running, it sounded fine for its age.
- A
  by airman00
I also saw #502 at hoboken, just a few months before she was retired. (and then subsuqently put back into service) And to be honest she was idling and sounded like she was purring like a kitten. I sure hope she gets whatever's currently ailing her fixed soon. And the grey paint scheme would look nice, but she looks fine just the way she is.
  by chuchubob
I also saw 502 in Hoboken, both before and after the vandalism remediation.
502 still hasn't moved in months; JTCX 9276 was running last week.
  by airman00
Great pictures! I like #502! Anyway the longer she sits like that, the worse off she'll get. I believe you said all work on 502 gets done at MMC, but someone needs to just make a desicion and get #502 brought into the shops down there and get her back up and running again.

Not that I know alot about the situation, but if you need a work engine and you have one, it just needs a bit of repair and instead you lease one. Waste of money if you ask me. They spent all that time getting #502 back up again and then had it transported down to river line (took a week) and one small problem and they just let her sit like that. Why they just don't make a call and in this instance sub-contract out the work, just so she can be up and running again. In this instance, too much work getting her back to MMC... then getting her fixed up and then back to river line again. At least one thing... at least #502 is still on active roster.
  by airman00
Not to beat a dead horse, but if anyone works down at the riverline and is a part of this forum, I'm curious as to what's up with SW1500 #502. Does she run? Is/was she going to be the "new" work engine for the river line? Or... as someone stated... she might be just too worn out?

(I'm just curious that's all. I hope she's not dead)
  by airman00
Anyone with any updates on engine #502?
  by chuchubob
airman00 wrote:Anyone with any updates on engine #502?
502 still hasn't moved.
  by Brgotn
Probably has something really expensive wrong with it.....
  by chuchubob
502 has (been) moved. It was not seen at the River LINE's 32nd Street yard Saturday afternoon Sept 18.
  by airman00
Well maybe she'll finally get fixed. :-D