• Elephant Ears on Hudsons?

  • Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.
Discussion relating to the NYC and subsidiaries, up to 1968. Visit the NYCS Historical Society for more information.

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  by NYC_Dave
I have a couple of questions concerning smoke deflectors on the NYC. The deflectors were applied to the new Niagaras in 1945-46 and also appear to have been applied to most (or all) L3 and L4 Mohawks around that time. So, my first question is – Why weren’t smoke deflectors also applied to at least some of the L2 Mohawks or to some Hudsons? I have never run across a picture of either with deflectors.
Secondly – I have seen undated pictures of Mohawks 3112 and 3114 with smoke deflectors that were apparently experimental. 3112 had a shroud over the entire top of the smokebox and 3114 had small European style elephant ears. Does anybody know if these were tested before the Niagaras were built with the large elephant ears?

  by Rick F.
To my knowledge there was only one Hudson on the whole NYC system that had elephant ears. It was a J-1 I think (can't remember the number). This engine was assigned to the P&LE roundhouse in Youngstown, Ohio and was the regular engine for the Youngstown to Ashtabula passenger trains. It was probably serviced at the West Yard roundhouse in Ashtabula also.

  by clehman
I have a book of photos titled "Trains Album of Photographs, Book I, Eastern Railroads," published in 1943 by Kalmbach. One of the photos is of a NYC Hudson running down the Hudson River above Peekskill in March 1941. The photo is not clear and the locomotive is in the center of the photo, so the number cannot be read. The caption does not give the engine number. However, on the engineer's side, nearest the river, a little above the height of the centered headlight, is what appears to be a small smoke deflector. The fireman's side of the engine is too dark to see clearly, but it looks as if one is also on the fireman's side. I've tried enlarging this photo on a copy machine, but it gets very fuzzy and does not help. I can't imagine what else that would be but a small smoke deflector, as it's outlined quite well against the light gray water of the river and certainly appears to be one. The photo was taken by Herb Weisberger.
  by lvrr 560
I was under the impression that NYC policy was to install smoke
deflecters on only Dual service engines. Is this correct ?

  by NYC_Dave
I just ran across a photo in the 2nd Quarter 2001 Central Headlight of L4a 3121 with an experimental smoke deflector. It is the top of the smokebox style and dated circa late 1943.
Regarding dual purpose: the L3b and L3c Mohawks (3025-3064) were built for freight service with footboard pilots. Most of the photos of these, other than builders photos, show smoke deflectors.