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Discussion about RDC's, "doodlebugs," gas-electrics, etc.
  by mxdata
Electro-Motive is not generally known as a supplier of unpowered passenger coaches, but back in the 1920s they designed and had constructed an unpowered short passenger coach, that had many of the appearance features of the gas-electric cars that it was intended to operate with. It was called the T50, which I am guessing stands for "trailer" and the 50 foot length. Does anyone have any additional information to offer on these passenger coaches, or does anyone know how many of them were built? Thanks in advance for your help.

  by Phil Hom
My dBase IV records (From Loco Notes II) shows only one trailer was made by SLC as EMC serial 101. It was Lehigh Valley road number T50. T50 may not be a model number as it does not fit the pattern of EMC motor cars (SE 128 etc)

Phil Hom

  by mxdata
Phil, thanks for your excellent answer of this one. The T-50 trailer is rather distinctive as the design so closely follows their powered gas electric cars.