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  by Highball
Greyhound Bus Co. is now operating from VIA's Edmonton Station. The former downtown bus terminal is being redeveloped in conjunction with the new downtown Ice Arena. At least now, a more convenient connection exists for passengers on the Canadian, with Greyhound schedules to / from Calgary.
  by marquisofmississauga
It appears the Red Arrow bus service will still use the Holiday Inn Express downtown as the terminal. The Red Arrow buses look far more comfortable than most.
  by Mark0f0
Can you buy a joint ticket that guarantees boarding of a Greyhound bus if the Canadian is many hours late arriving? I'd hate to book a 'connection' only to be severely late arriving on the train and losing the ticket.
  by jp1822
The Canadian can not even guarantee or make connections upon its arrival at Toronto or even Vancouver within its own system. Making a guarantee at Edmonton for the bus to Calgary - I DOUBT VIA will enter into such with a third party.

VIA had sought to put a high speed line into effect from Edmonton to Calgary and that to got sideswiped. Regardless of the Canadian (train) these are two "western" towns that would do great from such service, including the few intermediate points it used to have.
  by Mark0f0
So basically if you travel to Edmonton (from the east or the west), you need to either buy a walk-up ticket on Greyhound, or roll the dice on the Greyhound agent being sympathetic to the Canadian arriving many hours late (8 hours last time I took it!).

Pretty pathetic, IMHO.