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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by thebigham
Someone I used to work with told me yesterday that the A&A had Easter trains this year.


The A&A used to get calls in the past about Easter trains, but they never ran them.

The NY&LE used to do an Easter train.

  by steamfan6325
Yes they did- 12:00 & 2:30 on Sat. Decent turnout too.

  by BSOR Patarak
Excellent news....did 112 pull them?

As for the NYLE, they ran the weekend before. One trip Saturday and Sunday...both sold out.

Seems these "special" trains are a real draw over the regular weekend excursions.
  by steamfan6325
112 was the engine on these trains. Too early yet for steam - it was cold at Curriers even with the sun out. We had 22 at my house on Easter Sunday morning! I assume it would've been about that cold in Arcade overnight too.

Nothing like spring in WNY :-D

  by thebigham
Easter Trains will be running this year!

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