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  by GP40MC1118
I was asked this tonight, wondering if anyone knows the answer:

How many Amtrak E units had the Metro North logo's in the early 80's? I know 495 & 497 had them

  by DutchRailnut
only those two, other two E units were loaners from NJT 4248 and 4251.
at MNCR creation only 4 E units came on property.
The Amtrak units had two HEP engines in each and NJT units had steam generators.
  by GP40MC1118

Thanks very much....

  by Tommy Meehan
This is a pretty interesting question. I wasn't aware any of the E units had Metro-North markings. Were the Amtrak E8s loaners as well? Was their HEP useable? I didn't think Metro-North had any HEP-powered coaches at the time. Just the old intercity coaches with steam heat. Did Conrail do any conversions?

I know they not only operated into GCT but used the loop tracks as well. I know of someone who says they rode the loop in the cab of an E unit.

I can't recall seeing them on the Harlem Line.
  by DutchRailnut
On MNCR the NJT units could not lead into Terminal due to lack of nose door so they were always led by FL-9 or Amtrak E-8.
The trains with the E-8's were looped out to keep the train as it was and trains with E-8's were mainly used for Brewster and Danbury and a few New Haven turns so power could be turned again.
The HEP units were not function I believe, but then without anything to power, there was no need to try them on Daily inspection.
If the E-8's were used on Upper Hudson it was mainly on push pull shuttles between Pok and Harmon
  by Tommy Meehan
Thanks Dutch that is very interesting.

I'm guessing the E8s used on the Harlem were probably used in rush hours so I undoubtedly missed them.
  by Noel Weaver
I remember in my Metro-North days working emergency jobs at GCT and taking E-8's up to MO to turn them on the wye. I do not think they were allowed to run or be towed around either loop at GCT due to clearance issues.
Nose doors at least back in the 80's were not much of an issue if any, anything with wheels was used to pull passenger trains especially on the Harlem before enough M-3's arrived to run all the service with electric equipment.
Perhaps the E-8's from NJT had nose doors at the time I turned them, I simply do not remember.
Noel Weaver
  by FL9AC
Here's a few shots I found although they are not mine:



  by brettj22
What a ragged bunch of equipment back in those days. Is that an LIRR unit on the back of the top image?
  by Tommy Meehan
Nice information and photos.

Brett the rear unit is probably one of the NJT E8s, 4248 and 4251.

Hmmm, were those former NYC units?
  by MNCRR9000
brettj22 wrote:What a ragged bunch of equipment back in those days. Is that an LIRR unit on the back of the top image?
Really goes to show you how far Metro-North has come over the past 25 years that's for sure.
Speaking of acquired MNCR equipment back in the 80s...my favorites were the former Detroit SEMTA cars that had the MNCR name and MTA M logo along
with the Detroit area names like Birmingham and Clawson...a little off-topic but in the same era...any idea where these cars are today?

I never knew that MNCR actually placed the M logo on their leased E units at all...

  by DutchRailnut
The Detroit SEMTA cars were repainted and in 2100 numbering.
on retirement in 199* they sat in Harmon at north end of yard, they went to Barnum & Bailey for Circus trains.
Noel the two NJT units had welded and body patched nose doors, there was no restriction on E-8's on loop other than east to west (clockwise moves)
  by Tommy Meehan
The rear unit is probably one of the NJT E8s, 4248 and 4251.
Hmmm, were those former NYC units?
Apparently 4251 was an ex-NYC unit, the 4084.

According to the all-time NJ Transit roster on the Hoboken Terminal website (link below) which I've found to be pretty reliable-

4248 was the former Pennsylvania RR 5788A. It later became URHS's Erie 835.

4251 was the former NJT 4327, nee-Penn Central 4327, having started life as NYC 4084. That unit also survives, at the Tennessee Central Railway Museum.


So the 4251 was back in it's old stomping grounds. At least it was when it was was operating on the Hudson Line.
  by LIengineerBob
Dutch, weren't the ex-SEMTA cars renumbered into the 4800 series when they were painted into MetroNorth colors??