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  by NeoArashi
Yeah so me and my girlfriend booked online for the first time (we usually go to the Quebec City train station, but that massive discount that started today on escape fare was just too good to pass on) However, I do NOT have a printer and my Phone (a Samsung Galaxy S III) tends to not show older E-Mails (and I'm only leaving on May 6th and am returning on May 8th)

I know it will sound stupid, but now that I have chosen NOT to print my tickets, can I print them later on (if/when I get access to a printer)? Or can I just go to the Quebec City Station (It's on the way from my job to my home) and print them there? (I think they have, or USED to have things that allows you to print tickets bought online) Or can I just print the E-Mails themselves if I have access to a printer?
  by Ken V
You can certainly print your e-boarding passes later on when you get access to a printer. You can print as many times as you like before the trip (but can only use one copy). While I've never tried it with the new system you should be able to print a real ticket at a kiosk in the station or get one at the ticket counter. Just remember to bring the credit card you used to book online with you. Since Gare du Palais is on your way between home and work it shouldn't be too difficult to stop in and give it a try.
  by marquisofmississauga
The kiosks were de-activated several weeks ago although they are still in position, partially covered up with a notice, in all the stations where I have been since then. You can have a traditional ticket printed any time you want it. Not everyone has a printer, let alone a computer, so the ticket offices are still busy. Unfortunately many ticketing positions have been abolished and, as has been discussed, several stations no longer have an agent. I don't know what passengers do if they don't have a ticket agent at their station and don't have a computer and/or printer. I have seen many passengers on the trains showing their e-boarding pass on their smart-phones, as encouraged by VIA. Even if I had one (I still have a stupid-phone!) I wouldn't put total faith in it - or any technology for that matter. It's a bit of a bother if the mobile system fails or the smart-phone or its battery fails. I have seen service managers having problems with these fancy mobile devices. I've seen occasional problems with scanning the paper tickets or e-boarding passes, but in that case the SM simply takes the ticket or boarding pass from the passenger. If you have a "real" ticket and it scans properly, you get to keep it - not just the ticket receipt portion.
  by NeoArashi
Well. I actually had to go to my local train station because me and my Girlfriend were seated in totally diferent places around the trains. I just went there to request to be seated next to each other then she printed our new ticket before i could even ask.

I was like "wow you answered my second question before i could even ask you,, thanks!"

On a side note, while waiting for an employee to be available (i walked in just as the train was leaving) One of the emplyee was messing with the extra newspaper they had... and gave me a free one!

Lol Via Rail rocks