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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by b&m 1566
I believe it's one to many zeros.
  by CPF66
I was down at Washington Jct earlier today to pick up a log loader left over from when PRL owned the adjacent sawmill. I swung by the yard and it looks like a contractor is doing ties on a few yard tracks, as well as rebuilding the siding which runs along the boarding area. Which I use the term "rebuild" lightly, the ties were pretty much non existent as was the ballast. So at this point, they are pretty much building a new track. The new ballast car and plow are in storage and I think I saw the DOT's equipment in town.
  by CPF66
Cosmo wrote: Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:35 pm I know there was a substantial washout somewhere between Ellsworth Falls and Dedham, probably about a mile or so South of Boggy Brook (public well.) This was probably about 20 yrs ago, (round-about the time I joined the Navy,) and it looked to be about a half-mile in length.
Does anyone else remember this, and was it ever repaired? Maybe that's where the backhoe was headed.
I know its very late, but the washout in mention was roughly here:https://maps.app.goo.gl/Tv1bfBhfTvWWuYBE9.

The ties in the section are nonexistent, and although the DOT filled the washout in, they never brought the roadbed back to grade, so the rails look like wet spaghetti on the gravel. I believe they still have a lot of water issues on the Ellsworth Falls-Greenlake section of the branch. Likely a combination of failing culverts and sand ballast.
  by shepaug
-- just curious as to images mentioned E4D94868-C19A-45B6-86B0-E9024A571331.jpeg
CCEEFDC3-2907-4F91-B271-6C815E39477D.jpeg What is the actual URL ? At least my computers can not digest it.
  by CPF66
I think at the time they were viewable, I know if you dig into the achieves of railroad.net there are a lot of photos and links which no longer display like that.
  by NHV 669
That occurred with the site update a handful of years ago, most of those just show up as broken links.
  by CPF66
Thats about what I figured.

Anyway, is anyone from Downeast Scenic still using this forum? I am curious how the expansion west towards Greenlake is coming. It seems like the major obstacle of the bridge and the road realignment were resolved 4-5 years ago. So I figured there would have been at least an expansion to Route 180 or points west. Or even to the siding at Nicoln Rd, that would make a nice 2 hour + trip.
  by ronjenx
There are some improvements that need to be made before we begin a westward expansion.
One is rebuilding track 31 in the yard so it can be used as a run-around. That project started a week ago.
  by CPF66
That must have been what I saw the other day. I am looking forward to the expansion. I rode the entire branch around 2002 on a motor car, and there is lots of good scenery out there!

I suppose its worth asking, what other work needs to be done before the expansion can take place? I am curious as it would seem logical to add a few miles at a time instead of doing one big expansion at once. I/e I think rides could easily be expanded to the next crossing or to just east of where the big washout was. I am not saying that progress hasn't been made, but it might better reflect that.
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