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  by clight385
Anyone have any details on this event other than whats on the web site?
Just wondering if it will be similar to last years with a photo run by.
And any difference between Saturday and Sundays run and/or the 12:00 vs. the 3:00
The chicken BBQ and the cost (bring your dad) is all I see different between the two days.
  by Mountcastle
This year Usher and Justin Bieber will be on stage together at Curriers.

Or not.

I don't know what will be different about this year, but I'm really looking forward to it. Last year's double-header was spectacular.
  by clight385
Mountcastle wrote:This year Usher and Justin Bieber will be on stage together at Curriers.

Or not.

I don't know what will be different about this year, but I'm really looking forward to it. Last year's double-header was spectacular.

I am embarrassed to even admit I know who these people are, and even more that until now I thought it was Justin Beaver. :-D :-D
  by TrainMaster A
I understand that a Member of the NRHS and the Central Terminal will be at the Station with a Display on the Terminal and talking about the connection between Both ... Looking forward to talking to them..There may even be a Member of the Central Terminal Present !
  by Benjamin Maggi
Mountcastle wrote:This year Usher and Justin Bieber will be on stage together at Curriers.
I thought that the ushers rode in the coaches with the passengers. And aren't they called "conductors?"
  by Mountcastle
I think a train's "usher" is called a "porter". Hey, that's what the A&A needs: a porter! Of course, there are no sleeping cars but so what. They should get a sleeping car, that's what. Then they could have a porter.


While Usher and Justin Bieber in no way represent the sort of double-header I'd care to see, No. 18 and No. 6 are a different story (of course, No. 18 and No. 14 are the double-header I'd really love to see, but I'll just shut up about that).

Tomorrow I plan to spend the day in Arcade shooting video and taking pictures. My aim is to find some unique vantage points. Too many of the videos I see of the train (including my own) are shot from the same few places and perspectives along the line: the depot, the southeast side of the Cattaraugus Creek bridge, Curriers. Time to find some new places to shoot.

Then on Sunday I'll leave the camera at home and just enjoy the simple pleasure of riding the train.

An A&A weekend: part of what Summer is all about, at least from my perspective.
  by jgallaway81
From Interchange to the Mill, 79,200 feet. That's fifteen miles for those of you not versed in imperial measurements. On a railroad that literally would fit inside Harrisburg Consolidated Terminal, how many vantage points do you think there are?

Now, having finished my smart arse comment, I do agree. I also intend to find something unique to shoot when I finally get up there. Course, who know when that will be since I just sold my week of vacation back to NS.
  by Mountcastle
I noticed that as the train travelled, only one of the two locomotives would sound it's whistle and ring it's bell at crossings: the lead locomotive in either direction; so that, with No. 6 placed ahead of No. 18, from Arcade to Curriers one would only hear No. 6, and only No. 18, then, from Curriers back to Arcade. That's one thing that was done differently this year; last year both locomotives sounded their whistles and bells at crossings.

I also noticed that they took No. 18 to Delta Sonic since my last visit: she looked clean and spiffy!
  by jgallaway81
the question I want answered is who controlled the air in the train?

On a modern diesel consist, we cut out the brake stand on the trailing unit(s), and only the lead unit has the air. Since both these engines are small enough, I don't know if they have cut-out cocks, which would disabled the automatic brake. Also, what about the independent brakes? Does each engine crew have to set their own brakes.. this must be so since I know first hand that 18 does not have MU hoses... unless thats something else they added in the last couple years.

Sorry... as an engineer, one tends to think of these things.
  by Mountcastle
I can't offer any insight, there, I'm afraid. I do have to remark, though, that I'm suprised this year's double header event hasn't generated more buzz in this forum. In fact, this season so far hasn't generated much buzz at all.

I wonder if the A&A fans have found another discussion community somewhere else.
  by BSOR Patarak
As for the air control on a double header, the lead locomotive is required to take the control. The automatic brake stand on the trailing unit needs to be cut out, as you can't have two feed valves trying to feed the brake pipe at once. There are no MU hoses like the more modern air systems. The independent is operated by each engineer, though with those short trains, is rarely used during slow down operations.

As for the day, it gave me a new respect for firemen and engineers on steam locomotives. They are a whole different beast than operating todays diesel locomotives. Oh, the train handling and slack skills still apply. The actual mechanics of firing and operating the steamer takes all of your senses and muscles! I'd love to see video of Saturday's third trip out of Curriers with #6, 3 coaches and the gon. What a show it put on pulling out of town. (Never mind the fact that I had trouble getting it started from the depot! I'll never pick on Dave C again! :D)

  by tjflynn
Many thanks to all the people of the A&A, and everyone else who helped to make the weekend a success. The doubleheader was amazing, although we did miss the runbys of 2009. The sounds of 18 and 6 charging out of Arcade, or returning up the Curriers grade won't soon be forgotten. Even on Sunday, steam took center stage, with 6 doing its best to drown out the Cummins roar of 112. And a fortunate few were there on Saturday evening to witness 6 slip and bark its way out of Curriers, sounding for all the world like an engine five times its size. As the exhaust kept coming back in echos through the hillsides, we stood, listened, smiled, and remembered again why we wander so far in search of steam. Those five minutes were the highlight of the weekend. Will try to upload the video as soon as my camera and computer are on speaking terms.