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  by Tony T.
Usually, just being on the platforms is good. Also sitting down at the north end of the parking lot is OK, as long as the local anti-terror patrol doesn't mistake you for a bomb laden nut, (OK, now I'm being bad...)


  by MetraF40C607
Rondout wasn't always the best spot. I was there when the 261 came down and they were VERY leniant on that ONE day ,because it was a special event. I stayed there for a bit after it went by and the Metra cop told me (as I stood next to the tower) to just not get to close to the tracks because of Amtrak and to watch my back. Then he drove off. I will say now though, I don't know if it has changed and I'll bet that it has. If you sit at the road crossing on the northeast side, it's okay. Don't sit on the west side. The bridge is PERFECTLY safe. If you sit a little north of the road crossing, it is then CP property, and they would have to come out and get rid of you. That's just what I know and a few things I think. The Metra police speak with me whenever they can and I know some of them and most are very friendly guys from who I have met.

  by Hambone
Crazy, I spent the better part of the 80s and early 90s at Rondout, always my favorite place. I even spent the last day of the Milwaukee Road there, got a ride in a Milwaukee track speeder, hung out in the tower lower room (it was "heated" by an old radiator, and it was in the teens outside and snowing), etc etc etc. Never had a problem from cops or employees. Granted, that was a while ago, but it's weird to hear of the change.
Milwaukee guys were great! Friendliest railroad I've ever experienced.
What do these new signs say? What a drag, this is America, give me a break. Like the Chicago cops that ignore the gangs but write 100000 parking tickets.
What's the railfan vibe these days in Chicago? Is it still possible to go into yards, photograph engines at shops, or is that just not happening any more?
  by Tony T.
Seems to me I just heard of a story in the Trib about a couple of railfans just recently detained by Homeland Security. I've never had any problems, I also do not 'trespass' around larger facilities.

I've got to agree that the MILW boys were always nice to us. Glad I got to do those types of things back then...


  by MetraF40C607
The story about the two men in Morton Grove, ya. That wasn't cool. Made me pretty mad.

  by byte
If I ever go to an area to railfan where police like to bug people taking pictures, I'm going to print out the legal info that says I have every right to do so, highlight the exact words that say it's legal, laminate the pages and put it together so it's like a sales brochure, and just hand it to them if they tell me to buzz off. All this homeland security crap is just hype and I don't feel any safer than I did before September 11th.
  by Kangaroo of 72
All this homeland security crap is just hype and I don't feel any safer than I did before September 11th.
Absolutely! Bravo! Would the current restrictions in place have stopped the events of Sept. 11 had they be implemented before? It's doubtful!

As with gun laws, all they do is make life difficult for those people that try to play by the rules.

Like the Chicago cops that ignore the gangs but write 100000 parking tickets.
Right on! Just because a few cops are doing their jobs, that doesn't excuse the rest & their predatorial behavior. How many times do we have to pay those pricks? Aren't our tax bills enough? Further, even if the problem lies with departmental philosophy, or poor leadership, or politics, the cops on the street could always move on to a new job (if they're truly victims of the System and not active participants in the problem).

I realize this doesn't entirely pertain to railroading, but it felt good to get it off my chest.