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  by doepack
Tadman wrote:We certainly do need more of that around here. If you know guys in the area, have them start posting a bit. Our Chicago group is a good group. There doesn't seem to be any attitudes like the out-east group has (only a few, but they're here).
I know what you mean. Lurking on the other boards sometimes, some of them seem to be pretty uptight. And it makes me laugh when some of them refer to Chicago as "out west"...
  by Tadman
"Out west" reminds me of a good story. I tutor kids from the rough side of town every week. I asked one what his plans were for Christmas, and he told me they were going "out west". Pictures of Colorado filled my mind, but this little voice in my head thought he might not travel much (most of these kids have never been on a plane) and I thought it would be something else if by "west" he meant somewhere past Mannheim Road.


When I asked, he said "out west" is Grand and Kedzie... That's what, halfway from downtown to Mannheim?
  by zmuzak
I noticed that a tall in-ground antennae is still standing, next to the site where the old tower used to be. Does anyone know if it still is in use? I always thought it was used by the tower itself in the old days, but maybe it is a repeater for another site. Thanks.