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  by CPSK
Does anyone recall a derailment on the PC River Line at Mount Marion NY, just south of Saugerties (exit 20 on the I-87 NY Thruway) in August 1975?
I happened to be listening to my scanner (a Heathkit I had built) from my home in Teaneck NJ when that derailment occurred. Due to unusual band conditions - caused by weather - I was able to hear not only the dispatcher, but the train crew from the site.


Edit: Found the article at newspapers.com from The Times Record from Troy NY for Aug 29, 1975:

K I N G S T O N , N . Y . ( A P ) - A spectacular fire that erupted when a railroad tank car carrying compressed gas derailed was under control today, Stale Police said. Authorities said no injuries were reported. The Penn Central tanker exploded lale Thursday when 15 cars of a 136-car train derailed in a sparsely-populated area in the nearby Utsler County com- miinity of Mount Marion. Police said the freight train, carrying mostly grocery items, was headed from Wfrehawken, N.J., to Selkirk, near Albany. Shortly after Ihe explosion, Ulster County sheriff'sdeputies said there was a [danger that another car would explode,.but the fire was contained in the one tanker. The gas. a derivative of liquid butane, apparently igniled when the derailment caised a puncture in the tanker. Stale Police said. Eleven Ulster County fire companies fought the blaze.