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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by Bracdude181
Still nothing on the Farmingdale to Freehold project. Been trying to find out why and found this:


It would appear that their registration with the System For Award Management has expired. Wouldn’t that have to be up to date in order to receive grant money of any kind? They are after all planning to get the grant in two phases…

Also of interest is an almost $52,000 loan from the Paycheck Protection Program (Coronavirus related) and the sheer amount of businesses the Vice President is associated with.

Edit: The registration expired in September 2019.
  by CharlieL
How to reply - -

1. The grant is / was a State of New Jersey grant. Registration expiration with a federal agency does not apply.

2. The grant was affirmed in March of 2021. We've only been watching this for a year (seems like forever). That fact alone indicates registration with the feds does not apply, since said registration expired in, or prior to, 2019.

3. The date of expiration implies, at least to me, that D&D applied for (or maybe planned on applying for) a federal grant, perhaps in relation to their operations in northwestern New Jersey.
  by Bracdude181
They got a grant in 2020 to fix up Washington yard since the tracks were almost unusable, and add some new track and switches, and a very cheap railroad crossing that only works half the time.
  by CR7876
Half the time is better than none of the time, as that was a passive crossing.

You don't think its possible those are other people with the same name considering the locations are all over the place?

You're on the right track ( pun intended?) to find some info out. But remember Dover & Delaware is a railroad owned by Chesapeake & Delaware. Each operation they own/operate have a different name. C&D is the same as GWI, GVT, and Carload express vs B&P,DL, DCR. When the chips get turned over Dover & Delaware isn't going to be the name.
  by CharlieL
I strongly suspect the gyrations in prices for everything, but particularly energy and hard goods, will kill D&D's plans for the Freehold to Farmingdale connection. The grant amount is fixed; not so the cost. The rise in prices will so far about double (or more) what D&D would be on the hook for.

  by Bracdude181
@CharlieL C&D as a whole doesn’t seem to have been doing well lately so I can’t imagine how picking up two derelict lines to fix up and operate is a smart decision right now.
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