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  by west_coast_SPSF_Fan
Hi !

I am putting the finishing touches to an MPI / MK F40 PH-2C/ 3C HO scale shell, that will be cast ( in the next couple weeks ) , and made available as a Ready-to-Run locomotive , by August 2004.

I would appreciate any help locating artwork suitable for making HO scale decals, for both the earlier TriRail scheme , and the (newer) white with blue roof + rainbow.

Thanks !

west_coast_SPSF_Fan [email protected]

  by Kurt-Trirail

Wonderful - I have been waiting to buy one of these shells for over five years now.

I may be able to help you with the decals. I had planned to make a whole line of Tri-Rail decals back in mid-2002. I've already put together the artwork for the new scheme (and have the old scheme sitting on the back burner), but since then, I've accomplished nothing - every custom decal manufacture I inquire about ends up giving me the runaround.

However, by sheer luck, I found an ALPS MD5000 sitting in a Goodwill for $15. I bought it, and I have it sitting here, ready to be installed, as soon as I can find someone who has the print cartridges I'm missing (most notably, white and standard black).

I'll let you know the progress I am making as time goes on. I hope to get the cartriges sometime late Summer. Maybe by winter I can have some decals I can present to you.

Take care!


  by FL9
Microscale makes the decals in the new scheme if you want to model 807-809 or 805. I saw them at a hobby store in west palm beach. They sell them in ho & n scale. I didnt see them on microscale's website though so I dont think too many people know about these decals.
  by Tri Rail Modeler
I know this has been dead for a loooong time but if you still need decals microscale has them available for ho and n scale with the product numbers 87-1239 and 60-1239 respectively. I hope this helps.
  by Kurt-Trirail
Thanks for the P/N's.

Incidentally, if I recall correctly, the O/P still intends to produce an HO F40PH-2C (the original was hijacked by an unscrupulous hobby shop, IIRC), though it depends on when he decides to begin work on the new shell. It has been a long time since I conversed with him - might send him an email in the meantime.