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  by Chicagopcclcars
Here's a "heads up" for those interested in unusual equipment moves on the "L". In conjunction with my role as contractor at the Museum of Science & Industry, I sponor an annual "L"charter for "Friends and Family at MSI / B Educ. The charter is Sunday, June 26, 2011. There's no charge to the participants and over 100 are signed up to go. The trip goes from Ashland/63 to Linden via the State Street subway; then returns to the Loop, dropping people off for lunch. After the post lunch pickups, the charter goes to Harlem/Lake and then returns to Ashland/63. All participants are ticketed.

I use Orange line 3200 series cars.
lv Ashland/63 1015;
lv 13th ST JCT 1038;
lv Clark JCT 1055;
ar/lvLinden 1135/1154;
ar/lv14th Middle 1258/1358;
ar/lvHarlem/Lake 1431/1445;
lv 17th JCT 1517;
ar Ashland/63 1540.

David Harrison
  by Tadman
David, thanks for posting the invite. I was moving over the weekend (would've rather touched a 600vDC rail...) but it sounds fun. I thought of you last week as mid-week I saw about three shuttle trains of 2200's headed north at Willow/Clybourn on the brown line, probably headed for Skokie Shops one evening.
  by Tadman
David - I think we've got a topper for the Brown/Red line races you help set up as part of the annual Snowflake trip:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTU4iToK ... re=related

Although it's not CTA, it's traction, and they're flying! Acela and Keystone race at something well over 100mph.

PS, any word on the next snowflake trip>?
  by Chicagopcclcars
2012 IRM Snowflake is being penciled....planned that is. A new race location might appear. Also 2400s are being considered, but no work motors.

David Harrison