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  by Kurt
In the FL9 thread, it was mention that 216 was damage by a tree , and now is in Stamford for repairs. Was there any injuries to the crew, and how bad is the damage?

  by DutchRailnut
No injury to Engineer and heavy repair shop has the unit fixed as of today.
Now those were repairs to window frames and center colomn.
The unit will now go to North White Plains for painting.

  by li7039
will here be a new paint scheme on thes locos

on railfan.net someone posted a metro north P40 scheme will this unit be in the old metro north colors or a herritage scheme like a NYC one

  by mncommuter
Why would they bother repainting a loco that's about to be retired?

  by MN Jim
The 216 is a P32AC-DM - Genesis - and is not near retirement.

  by mncommuter
Oops, was thinking of 2016