• D&H "I Love NY" boxcars.

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by scottychaos
Any of them still around?
if any are still running, im sure they have been repainted by now.
perhaps one still in its DHNY paintscheme rusting away somewhere?
anyone seen one lately?


  by NYSW3614
Let's see- some were scrapped, yes? I have seen them ONCE and AWHILE with other reporting marks with the NYDOT and the NY phrase painted out but telling the heritage is easy because of the blue/white scheme. Haven't seen any lately though. Always thought they would be a great car to be in a museum, especially a NY one.


  by BSOR Patarak
Didn't one of these arrive in Hamburg several years ago? I though one of the cars moved for the Operation Lifesaver display at the fairgrounds was one. Repainted of course.


  by SimTrains
These are the boxcars at the Hamburg fairgrounds. I always wondered what there heritage was...


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  by HighlandRail&DEY-7 652
There were quite a few of them painted gray or white operating on the Central Columbiana and Pennsylvania RR reporting marks CQPA. I beleive they were used to haul bricks. When I say quite a few I mean at least 20 or possibly more.
  by henry6
...I saw one in Whitehall yard last August!!

  by scottychaos
still painted in the DHNY scheme? :P

  by henry6

  by scottychaos

ok, who lives up that way and can do a reconnisance mission? :wink:


  by SRS125
There were 2 or 3 former I Love NY cars showing up on the Finger Lakes Railway in Geneva. All were painted out and re marked but the paint sceam remained. They were comeing up on Norfolk Southern and were seen a couple of times over the summer of 2002/2003 going in and out of Senica Foods. There have been no more siteings of these cars sents then. I was never able to get any photos of these cars I would see them at nite comeing up only to come back in the morning with a camera to find that the cars moved on or were tucked away deep in the yard between outher cars :(

  by charlie6017
Where is Whitehall Yard?? I'm not sure where that is.....

I just looked it up, sounds like Vermont? Guess that leaves me out for now. I may look around Geneva.

  by Otto Vondrak
Whitehall, NY is on the D&H mainline, north of Saratoga. It is also the junction with the branch that goes to Rutland, VT.

  by conrail71
I saw one go thru Rochester on Tuesday afternoon on a west-bound freight. It was in pretty good shape.
  by henry6
"In a perfect world CONRAIL will never die!" is not correct.



  by conrail71
Actually more correctly,in a perfect world Penn Central would have never been, then ther would have been no need for Conrail. As history shows Conrail (U.S. government) saved railroads in the northeast that would have almost certainly floundered and colapsed.
Of course the statement in my post "In a perfect world Conrail will never die" is a statement of opinion rather than fact. I am more sentimental towards Conrail as a fallen flag because at it's inception I was just "coming of age" as a railfan. I was able to recognize the different railroads that went into CR, the types of locomotives (alco, emd, dewitt geeps...) quite a few of which would die while travelling through Rochester.
This forum is not the best place to defend Conrail, but I thought a quick post wouldn't be to far out of line...