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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by Benjamin Maggi
I was reading through an older issue of Railpace from 2008 (the one featuring the A&A on the cover) and in the back section for news they mentioned that in 2008 the A&A ran a media special event where they invited newspapers and dignitaries to the train to gain publicity. The article also says "every attendee received a limited edition model of Consolidation #18."

Can anyone comment on this? I know of know model in any scale that is close to the appearance of #18, what with the dual sand domes and the running board that cuts across the front of the smokebox.

Anyone have one of the model? I have seen on EBay over the past year or so a couple (maybe 2) bronze sculptures that appear to be an older HO scale Bachmann consolidation (their Reading RR model with the large firebox) and a tender- mounted backwards- and some peel and stick white plastic letters spelling "Arcade and Attica" on the side of the tender... and the whole shooting match is then bronze plated or something.

Are these examples of the giveaways? Any comments?