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  by Jeff Smith
  by riffian
Udate on Hill AFB, Utah, former home to US military rail repair and rebuild operations. All buildings demolished and track removed. Nothing left, folks. A Google flyover shows a big vacant lot where the shop/engine house used to be. Remaining tracks (Connection to UP) have also been lifted since the Google shot. All operations have been moved to Anniston, Alabama, home to heavy vehicle repair.

Update on GE 1953 80 tonners (completely remanufactured circa 1990). The two at Letterkenny in PA have finally been moved to their new owner, McHugh construction. Unknown if for further use, or scrap.

One of two (1644) at Shaw Air Force Base has been sold to South Carolina Railroad Museum. unknown current status on second unit there. Many of these 80 tonners have very few miles on the clock and are essentially new. Most have been sold off for further use, many to museums. It is extremely hard to gather info on military locomotive status, but I would guess that there are around 10 remaining in US Army service. I know of the one at Hawthorne, Nevada and one at Beale, AFB , CA. Anyone know of others? Above info from Loconotes.

Meanwhile, the 24 NRE Gensets seem to be doing the bulk of the work on many bases. There are still some GP-40s and many GP-9m, GP-10s remaining, but they are slowly being sold off as well.
As always, updates and additions/corrections welcome.

Bill Root
  by Jeff Smith
There was one at Fort Stewart within the last few years unsure of its status now.
  by Jeff Smith
GE-80-Tonner 1663 delivers sister USAF 1671 from Shaw AFB to Fort Eustis Military Railway last (?) year. Unsure of final disposition.

  by riffian
Back to 80 tonner 1667... its at Seaview Transportation in Davisville, RI. In use daily as the only current active unit. Its getting more use there than it ever did with the Army. Apparently never did go to Newport. Many utubes downloaded of it in action.
  by Ken W2KB
RailVet wrote: Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:22 pm
Army rail units reached their peak during WW II and have been in a downward spiral ever since. There were once dozens of railway battalions as well as higher-echelon units, but today there is just one remaining rail battalion, the 757th (to which the 226th Trans Co is assigned), and its future is not looking good.
not surprised. Some time ago I read a US Department of Defense statement that air transportation is what is critical to national defense, including this sentence or similar: "if we build one mile of railroad track we can travel and move personnel and equipment one mile, but if we build a mile of runway we can move personnel and equipment to the entire world"
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