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Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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Apologies if there is a thread out there on this, I searched back to 2020 with no real topic to speak of.

I saw two NJT F40 locomotives in a freight consist passing by the La Plata, MO Virtual Railfan camera back on 04/25/2023. Clip can be seen here: https://youtu.be/rBhhvvmJiUg?t=666

They appear dead in tow and with boarded windows. The train was moving at a very good clip so it was hard to confirm the road #'s, but it looked like it may have been the 'sisters' 4119 and 4120. To my knowledge these were the last two active F40's on NJT roster.

Can anyone with knowledge confirm if these locomotives have been removed from the active NJT roster? If so, it would certainly be the end of an era on NJT and something worth noting.

Thanks in advance!
  by JohnFromJersey
Per Wikipedia, there were only two F40PH's retained after 2014 for work trains, so, unless NJT is shipping them out for a rebuild/maintenance, it's likely they are going to the scrapper or some other rail entity purchased them.

In the video, it seems like the "NJ Transit" on the side has been spray painted over, so I think there's a good chance that the F40PH's may be going to a new home somewhere out west. I doubt they would cover-up the logo/name if they were going to the scrapper.

I wouldn't be shocked if they were going to Caltrain or a museum somewhere
  by Bracdude181
The two in the video are BUGX 4121 and 4122, ext NJT.

Last I heard 4119 and 4120 are still in service, and that was three weeks ago.
Thanks for the info and correction on locomotive numbers. So it seems the sisters are still active in NJT.

As per them being retained for work trains, they have been pushed into revenue service quite frequently over the past year or two. I caught 4119 pulling a revenue run out of Hopatcong station a few months back, and both engines have made other appearances on revenue runs throughout the system.

I wonder if NJT would ever consider a farewell run/fantrip once they finally decide to pull the plug on them. Doubleheaded, would make for some nice pictures. I would say the F40 played a significant role in the history of NJT, being their first true 'new' diesel power after formation and being the backbone of the diesel fleet (alongside the GPs) for decades). Just a thought.
  by Sirsonic
4119 and 4120 are still in service. They are in the MMC right now for a periodic inspection. Once that's completed they will likely return to non-revenue service although I do not believe they are restricted from revenue service if needed.

As to the rest of the NJT F40s, 4 others remain in service having been sold to Metro North.
4115 became 4911
4116 became 4912
4123 became 4913
4125 became 4914