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  by PRRGuy
Ok, today I recieved my first notice on this. As of 3:01am January 1st. Ctc will go into effect from M.P. 75 to Emerson..MP 58.1 I believe.

  by Tadman
Dumb question, but do miles go up or down going away from chicago?

  by PRRGuy
On Metra MP 0.0 is at Randolph St. 115th st is 14.31 I think. Our mileposts are from South Bend, So the Airport is at MP 0.0 and near Kensington interlocking it goes up to MP 75.4.

  by dinwitty
have they changed the mileposts positions over the years? South bend used to be downtown.

difference of a few miles at least.

  by CSS&SB702
Actually, using Grandview substation as a reference point because it's a place that is passed using either route, it's about the same distance to the airport as it is to downtown. Or at least it's very close to being the same. You can make sure by looking at a pre-1970 schedule and comparing it with a post-1970 one. I'd do it, but all of mine are stashed away right now. :wink:

  by PRRGuy
Ok, a couple more things I forgot to mention that as of 3:01 am Nictd has transfered from Track Permits to Track Warrants, similar to Metra's. Also, Employee Timetable No.1 is now in effect. At some point I hope to get an extra copy of two but for right now we only get one copy and we sign for them. So...those of you with ETT #8..it's now outdated.
Those of you with scanners will notice that Trains passing the Limits of Double track at Gary will be calling like this now:
" Nictd train 515, lead car 8 is by C.P.58.2" instead of " Train 515 is by Emerson"
All interlocking are now control points with the names now retired. The only exception is State Line....for reasons I'm not sure of just yet.. Also, at Kensington the WB main is still ABS from West Lake interlocking to MP 75.4 I don't really understand this however I was told it's due to something about a circuit in Kensington Tower's interlocking. When the interlocking is rebuilt in the next year or two (or so I was told it may be) then that section of ABS be converted to CTC.
Rumors are already starting that Line & Signal says CTC will we extended to Michigan City by August of this year.

  by dinwitty
oh, you'll still be referring unofficially to locations by names...

that will never change...

  by PRRGuy
Well, on train orders it'll have to be the MP/CP but im sure most crew members will still be using the locations instead on the train/over the PA to one another.

  by Tadman
Don't some lines use CP-"name" instead of CP-"##"? So couldn't we just call it CP-Emerson? I thought the old conrail did this out east, but maybe I'm still feeling sunday night...

BTW on the most recent trip (yesterday afternoon) the new signals appeared to be in fine shape, and the trip went off smoothly. I heard sunday night there was some rowdiness, and the undercovers on board put off quite a few people on the inbound trips.

  by MikeF
Tadman wrote:Don't some lines use CP-"name" instead of CP-"##"?
Indeed some do, although it seems to be the current trend to use the milepost locations rather than place names. In my humble opinion, it represents the dumbing-down of everything. It's easier for someone with poor communication skills to repeat "C-P-five-eight-dot-two" over the radio than to spell "C-P-E-M-E-R-S-O-N." Just my take on it, though -- maybe the railroads have a legitimate reason for abandoning the old names.

  by PRRGuy
I'm not sure about a legit reason. The only reason I heard of these changes were to " Cut down on radio traffic" Now, it seems to me that saying the lead car number and such adds to the chatter...

  by dinwitty
I think the MP designations simplify locations when doing various tasks
it may also be setup in the signal system by milepost locations instead of location names, a passing siding can be Wagner but have 2 or 3 different mileposts within it.
They may still have location names in the system for references but maybe the radio chatter doesnt need locations.

  by MikeF
dinwitty wrote:it may also be setup in the signal system by milepost locations instead of location names, a passing siding can be Wagner but have 2 or 3 different mileposts within it.
But ... the only points in a passing siding that matter for dispatching purposes are the east siding switch and the west siding switch, and those have very definite milepost locations.