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  by Allouette
The first one out is the Mercury Green and Croydon Cream (with Swamp Holly Orange belt rail!) on 5261-5262. It looks really good! Others to come to celebrate CTA's 75th anniversary.
  by doepack
A wrap that definitely caught my eye. Well done indeed...

  by R36 Combine Coach
Allouette wrote: Thu Jun 30, 2022 6:32 am Others to come to celebrate CTA's 75th anniversary.
2600s would be fitting to receive their original Bicentennial RWB livery (which debuted on the 2400s in
modified form).
R36 - CTA Bicentennial color schemes were first used in 1974 on 6000 series painted PCC-type cars.
The Boeing Vertol-built 2400 series cars were the first new CTA cars to use Bicentennial colors in 1976.

The 2600 series Budd/Transit America cars were delivered with the concept "I Will-The Spirit of Chicago"
color scheme beginning in 1981 - 2600 series cars in their original livery would be appropriate...


With CTA's 75th Anniversary vintage historical color schemes on current equipment is a good way to
commemorate CTA Rapid Transit over the years...MACTRAXX