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  by Passenger
Really gone for good?

The map no longer says it is closed. It is just not there.
  by JamesT4
I notice that also, but the last time I remember, Washington Red Line was suppose to be part of the propose Block 37 Super station, and for the propose O'Hare Midway Express trains, but because of money overruns, cta postpone the construction indefinitely.

When will it open again Who knows?, but the last time I rode the red line through the Washington Station it was still boarded up.

But in 2009 the tunnel that connected the red, and blue line station reopened, but it connects now between the Washington Blue Line, and the State, and Lake Red Line Station.

I will look for any articles about it, and post it, and the link later.
  by Passenger
I pass by there nearly every day.

The portion of the long platform that used to be the Washington Street station is accessible to in-station pedestrians. It's just that the trains do not stop there.

The old transfer tunnel is open inside the fare control area? Or does that even matter when you're using the card?