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  by Tadman
I noticed last week while changing trains that State/Lake has a lot of fresh paint. Is this a result of spiffing up prior to the NATO event? Just curious. It was a bit shabby earlier.
  by doepack
A random thing possibly, likely just needed a little sprucing up. The Indiana station on the Green line was also getting a fresh coat of paint when I rode through there today...
  by Passenger

Routine maintenance without some big political pretext?

If they keep this up, people might come to expect it. :wink:
  by doepack
Perhaps. But if CTA is really trying to change their image, this wouldn't be a bad place to start...
  by doepack
The minor facelift projects at the State/Lake & Indiana stations, among others, were part of the "renew crew" program, which wrapped up recently...