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  by orangeline
Last week, as gasoline price were heading for uncharted territory due to the drilling and refining disruptions cause by Hurricane Katrina, there was a segment on Chicago Tonight where TV ads produced by the CTA to offer drivers a cheap alternative to their cars for getting around CTA's territory were unveiled. One ad was shown in its entirety. A driver sat behind the wheel cursing ($@#%!*) traffic and later as the price at the pump went up even as he filled his tank, alternating with pretty pictures of a shiny L train beckoning him to get on board.

Since then (this segment ran either Wednesday 8/31 or Thursday 9/1) I have NOT seen this or any other ad run on any TV station (including PBS). Has anyone seen it or other recent CTA ads? Could it be the falling price of fuel (in my area from a high of $3.49 Friday to $2.95 yesterday evening) has discouraged CTA from running it?