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  by Mr Met
I have the CTA route and the cars i think 2600 is there any other cars for the CTa online like at train-sim.com if so can you post them here and say what the file name is thanks

  by bones
Which CTA route do you have, and where can I get it? Any rolling stock come with it?

  by byte
I haven't looked at the routes they have on there in a while (they're very graphic-intensive and my computer can't run them without crashing...) but I know that there are at least three CTA railcars you can download. One is a repaint of the Japanese Series 2000 (included with the game) with the pantographs removed. Another is a pretty basic 2600 series car. My favorite are the 2400s that you can get. They're very well done and fun to operate. Though if you can't find them on train-sim, PM me and I'll email them to you. A friend of mine was looking there for the 2400s and couldn't find them a month or so ago, so maybe they were taken down for some reason.