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  by Passenger
CTA does the right thing in the face of so many people being incredibly stupid.

CTA warns riders: Stay off the tracks
Chicago Sun Times
Stay off the tracks. It’s not worth your life.

That’s the message the Chicago Transit Authority is sending as it launches a new public service campaign on Monday to warn people to steer clear of the tracks.

The number of reports of people hopping on the tracks is up, according to the transit agency. In 2012, there were 349 reports — up from 336 in 2011 — of people on tracks, for example, retrieving fallen phones or other belongings. And a “vast majority” of those people “making a conscious decision to go on the tracks,” the transit agency is encouraging riders to ask CTA employees for help getting their stuff back.

  by Tadman
I know a few guys that have climbed down on the tracks to get a smartphone, and I think they're nuts. I try to stand back when using mine for that reason.