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  by DutchRailnut
30 year old German Messerschmitt MBB cars, suppose to be a temporary 5 year lease till CDOT can ride on MN push/pull order.
  by Arlington
I think folks will be temporarily happy with the MBBs as long as the interior is fully modern(ized). What kind of mechanical love are they getting?
  by NH2060
GirlOnTheTrain wrote:Realistically they probably made them pretty and did nothing mechanical.
*TRIED TO MAKE THEM* pretty. I hope that the rebuilt GP40s and Gennies don't look as bad as this. If they were shrink wrapped in white first they would look much better. I don't know why they didn't just give them the MAFERSA livery with a black stripe.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
The first picture I saw only showed the red stripe and not the abomination CTrail logo, which I thought was passable. Stopping the stripe halfway through is just dumb.

And sadly no, the Geeps will look pretty offensive too. That scheme is floating around - I'd post it but I don't have it handy. As for the Gennies, anything's an improvement over bondo, spray paint and stickers, lol
  by Jeff Smith
Per Dutch:

First of six rebuilt Connecticut DOT GP40-2H locomotives will be delivered soon to New Haven, CT. The rebuilt unit, moving as NREX 6694, is tarped and covered for the official unveiling by the CDOT. Last report had it at Selkirk, NY today, having departed NRE on March 1.
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  by NH2060
Won't be long before we find out if it looks ugly or just okay :(
  by ebtmikado
Have no fear! It is hideous.
  by DutchRailnut
its ugly enough to be covered with tarp while coming from NRE.
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  by NH2060
I"ll admit, not as bad as I feared, but there's too much black and not enough red. And the logo looks more like a cropped CP Rail "multimark". The CDOT BL20-GHs of all locos have a better livery...

Herbert Matter is probably rolling over in his grave thinking "you guys think THIS looks better?!?!"
  by Backshophoss
That scheme is a BIG MISTAKE!!
Should have kept the NH inspired scheme
  by Backshophoss
The MBB's are WORN OUT,were put away "wet" and have body/underframe rot issues,it would be a BAD idea to lease them!
That scheme was a BIG MISTAKE! Should have left the NH scheme on the GP40's
  by ebtmikado
6694 was photographed under its tarps in Cedar Hill yard yesterday.
There is a photo in the Facebook CSOR group.