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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by SST
As I was driving around, I noticed CSX crew working at Forks Fire Station so I pulled over. They have a large pre-fab switch track including the switch and the switch motor all put together. Another section of track is also bolted to the switch track. Kinda like a section of main line and siding all put together. Largest pre-fab I've ever seen. It will definitely take two cranes to get this into position.

There is also about 8 dump truck loads of ballast along the main line track. At first I thought this replacement was for the warehouse track. But I could not see clearly over the row. I drove around to the warehouse and looked over the condition of the track and I would not likely as a tree was right in front of the garage door to the warehouse. Overgrown too but not so much it couldn't handle a few cars. But the tree.........There was no crane or any equipment to lift or move this pre-fab track. It was around 3pm and they were still attaching the switch motor. So, maybe tomorrow?

I drove down Broadway to check out the construction of a new building basically at the intersection of Dick Rd and Broadway, just before going under NS. I thought that this building was going to be some kind of fast food business based on the outside architecture. It is still under construction and no signage outside to advertise whats coming. This location, if it turns out to be fast food, will provide an extraordinary view of the NS bridge going over Broadway.

While coming home via George Urban I drove past the former book making plant and noticed what I thought was a small switcher. I turned around and went into an abandoned parking lot and it turns out to be a large snow blower....not rail related.

Lastly, the caboose at Niagara Hobby still remains wrapped and in place.
  by metoo
if the new building construction site is next to the oil change place at Dick and Broadway

It looks like a Tim Hortons to me
  by SST
Out of curiousity I stopped at Forks Fire Hall yesterday [ Sunday] and the pre-fab track and siding is still sitting along side the main line. The piles of ballast are still untouched. Curious what the hold up is. I didn't explore the warehouse siding this time.

After visiting Amtrak-Depew, I drove out the "side entrance" onto Broadway. Building is no further along than it was when I first posted. Still no advertising of who's coming. But this time I noticed that there is a drive-up service window on the east side of the building along with the driveway. The parking lot is on the west side of the building so the building itself is blocking the view of the NS bridge over Broadway. I would guess that once the leaves are off the trees you'll get a good view of train traffic as it passes next to the building...on the south side.

So we wait.
  by SST
After the game today I came up Broadway from the opposite direction. I crossed over the former NYC Gardenville line. It is so full of water that it could be renamed as Gardenville Canal. At least 1 foot of water. Probably more.

Passed the fast food building. Looks like they've ceased construction as there is no indication of any further work since last week. STill no signage for "opening soon" or construction company. It actually looked lik DOT equipment parked behind it.
  by SST
Finally there is a sign outside the building. TIM HORTON is the winner……...now hiring.

CSX still has not installed the prefab track.

Sigh....I have a great picture of this prefab track but this site won't allow me to post, "Can't determine the dimmention." I went back and shrunk it...still won't allow. I give up.
  by SST
Prefab track still not installed. Although there are 30 or so new ties along the row in the immediate area.

Tim Hortons still not open although the parking lot has all the parking spaces marked. I drove through the Drive-thru to see how the building is set up. There are no windows on the south facing side of the building. The drive-thru driveway is there. So, no view if a train is going past unless you're in the lane. At the pick-up window, there is no room for error. You either reach for your donut on the left, or go into the ditch on the right. I suspect long trucks might have a difficulty making the turn.

As for seating inside, the counter is on the south side of the building. Seats and tables on the north side but with windows. You'll be able to see train traffic going over the Broadway bridge. Not perfect but better than nothing.

On my way to Old Broadway and as I passed underneath Harlem Rd, I suddenly realized that the tower closest to the Harlem Rd bridge is gone! Only thing remaining is the hump. Track looks in place. The other tower further away from the bridge is still standing. Nearly 20 years ago, I got a tour of one of those two towers. Sad to see it go.
  by SST
Tim Hortons is open. I haven't stopped there yet but I did drive by it. I did find out what the delay was about. Zoning. Time Hortons wanted the driveway to exit one way, and the town said no, do it this way. Which is, the entrance and exit is lined up with the signal at the intersection. For once, I agree with local gov't. Imagine that. Happy viewing.
  by SST
After watching the football charter depart last evening [757-300] I headed over to Tim Hortons for dinner and a "viewing inspection." Viewing isn't perfect especially in the dark. With it being dark, the windows reflected everything from inside. Ya gotta walk up to the windows and cup your hands to block all the reflections. Plus, you can't really see the bridge anyways and with NS units being black, good luck with seeing them from inside at night. Day time will be ok.

Looking through the north facing windowns you can see the Amtrak station. But you can't see any trackage. View blocked by buildings. Best place for viewing both NS and CSX is sitting in the parking lot closest to the exit at the signal. You'll be able to see trains on both tracks. Day time is best.
  by sd80mac
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