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  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by rr503
waldwickrailfan wrote:
rr503 wrote:*Snip*
A few months ago (I want to say October) it was cut back to Florence,SC since most of it's train would be set off by then, and instead of running an extra train down to Waycross for only a handful of cars, they decided to end it at Florence
I see, thanks!
Happy February :)
  by waldwickrailfan
I was at CP5 from 10pm Tue-6:30am Wed:

1) Q410: 10:05pm (2 ES44/2 AC44)
2) Q157: 10:20pm (AC44/ES40)
3) Q004: 10:45pm (ES44/AC60/AC44)
4) Q418: Midnight (2 AC44/SD50)
5) Q009: 12:30am (2 ES44/AC44)
6) Q163: 1:25am (ET44/MAC)
7) Q159: 1:50am (ES40/AC44)
8) Q273: 3am (2 ES44/ET44/SD50/MAC)
9) Y337: 3:05am (3 ES40/AC44/GP38-2)
10) Q161: 4:15am (ES44/C40-8)
11) Q162: 4:30am (2 ES44)
12) K141: 4:35am (2 ES44)
13) Q438: 6am (ACe/ET44)
14) K409: 6:15am (CP AC44/KCS MAC)
  by waldwickrailfan
I was at CP5 from 8pm Wed-3:15am Thurs

1) Q004: 8:30pm (2 ES44/AC44)
2) Q127: 8:45pm (AC60/ES44)
3) M409: 11:15pm (ES44/MAC)
4) Q163: 11:55pm (2 AC44)
5) Q009: 12:50am (2 ES44/ES40)
6) Q418: 1:15am (AC44/ES44)
7) Q159: 1:35am (2 ES44)
8) Q162: 2:40am (ES40/AC44)
9) K141: 3am (2 AC44)
  by airman00
So in my work travels, I noticed a big ugly mulberry tree fell across the tracks in Harrington Park, NJ. Didn't appear to do any damage to the tracks, and I'm assuming a CSX mow crew came by and cut it up (as opposed to the town cutting it up) because they just cleared the tracks and left the logs and branches there. (still a mess there several days later) Here's where it gets interesting though. The tree must have came over in that windstorm we had a week or so ago on a Wednesday overnight. And this was a good size tree trunk. If it came over in the middle of the night, it's a good thing a train wasn't nearby or this could've been a disaster. I'm assuming what saved this potential disaster was the fact that the tree fell by the crossing right by the HP police station, so they must've heard it fall and then called CSX. If not, then there is no way a train would've been able to stop in time. Not at the rate of speed they go thru that area.
  by Steve F45
a csx train did strike a large tree during the wind storm. Im pretty sure it was in harrington park also.
  by airman00
Steve F45 wrote:a csx train did strike a large tree during the wind storm. Im pretty sure it was in harrington park also.
Oh boy! Based on the size of the trunk of that tree it could've been a disaster! If it had fallen while a train was in the middle of passing through, I shudder to think what would've happened.
  by waldwickrailfan
I was at CP5 on 3/7/16 from 6:30pm-11:45pm

1) Q433: 6:55pm (AC44/SD40-2)
2) L409: 10pm (2 ES44)
3) Q004: 10:20pm (ES44/AC44/C40-8)
4) Q127: 11pm (ES44/AC60)
5) Q112: 11:20pm (AC44/D8)
6) Q163: 11:30pm (ES44/ES40)
  by airman00
Yesterday I saw an interesting freight car as a train passed through Harrington Park NJ. A small white covered hopper, with a "Seaboard Systems" logo on it. It's cool to see old railroads still represented out there!
  by waldwickrailfan
I was at CP5 last night:

1) K681: 7:30pm (MAC/AC60)
2) Q711: 7:45pm (ES40/MAC/AC44)
3) Q157: 8:30pm (2 ES44)
4) Q439: 8:45pm (ES44/ET44)
5) Q002: 9:15pm (D8/60M)
6) K141: 11pm (2 AC44)
7) Q163: 11:45pm (C40-8/D8)
8) Q418: 12:15am (C40-8/AC60/AC44)
9) Q009: 12:30am (2 ES40/AC44)
10) Q273: 1:20am (60M/D8)
11) L112: 1:30am (ES40/D8)
12) Q159: 2:20am (2 AC44/2 ES40)
  by waldwickrailfan
I was at CP5 and CP10 from 9:45pm Wed-7:15am Thurs, here are my catches

1) K139: 10pm (AC44/ET44)
2) Q004: 10:10pm (ES44/2 ES40)
3) M409: 10:20pm (ES40/SD50)
4) Q163: 11:30pm (D9/D8)
5) Q009: 1am (3 ES40)
6) Q112: 1:15am (AC44/ES44)
7) Q418: 1:20am (2 ES40)
8) Q159: 1:45am (AC44/D8)
9) Q162: 2:30am (ES40/AC44)
10) Q273: 4:10am (D8/C40-8)
11) Q003: 6:50am (ET44/2 AC44/AC60)
12) Q161: 7:05am (ET44/MAC)
  by 6sunset6
Last night 5/4/2016 something a train went south between Poughkeepsie and Newburgh around 10:30 PM. From the east side of the river it looked like a passenger train.
All windows lite up. Anybody know what that was?
  by waldwickrailfan
That was one the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey trains. It was the last trip for the elephants. I got it in Ridgefield Park,NJ at 1:55am
  by CPSK
RB B&B Circus train came south through Teaneck around 2:30AM today. I wasn't trackside - just listening on the radio. There must have been some sort of problem up in Haverstraw/Stony Point, as I heard them doing a brake test. I was barely able to copy the transmissions, but later the dispatcher referred to the night (at least her shift) as a catastrophe. Lots of traffic both north and south.
Circus train was re-crewed at NB, then I went back to sleep.

  by waldwickrailfan
Q433 stalled on the hill at Haverstraw, head end just south of the tunnel. The P923 power was about to shove it, until the crew outlawed. The new crew got light power (Q273's power) and ran north, coupled to the head end, and brought it south. P923 then returned to its train, and ran south. Circus train master was pissed lol
  by waldwickrailfan
I was at CP5 last night from 7:45pm until 4:15am. Here is what I caught:

1) Q439: 8pm (ES44/ES40)
2) K685: 8:05pm (ET44/C40-8)
3) Q157: 9pm (2 AC44)
4) K140: 11:45pm (ES44/AC44)
5) Y337: 11:50pm (2 ES40/AC60/AC44)
6) Q009: 12:50am (2 ES44/D8)
7) Q163: 1am (AC44/D8)
8) Q112: 1:15am (2 ES44)
9) Q159: 1:30am (2 ES40)
10) Q162: 1:45am (AC44/ET44)
11) Q273: 2:30am (ES44/70MAC)
12) Q418: 4am (2 AC44/ES40/GP38-2)
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