• CSX Oak Point Yard 2014 Switching Schedules

  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by csx8851
Hello everyone, does anyone know the trains/symbols of the switchers that work oak point yard. The times would also be appericated. During Spring Break, I plan on visiting...
  by Noel Weaver
Just a little bit of advice here, Oak Point and in fact all CSX facilities in New York City are in a dangerous area and I would be extremely careful around those parts with a decent looking camera. In addition it being in a high crime area results in a major CSX Police presence around that facility so do NOT go on railroad property. You can see some of the operation from the east side of Bruckner Boulevard as well as the cross street bridges at 149th Street as well as the others east of that point. I would not want to park an automobile around those parts either, good luck.
Noel Weaver
  by ccutler
Someone around here must know better than I...
but I was there a weekday last week around 4 to 5pm. Some engines on the east end of the yard were switching a cut of cars that came in from long island [can tell from the loaded C&D cars and empty centerbeams]. At the same time, two other units were switching inside the Oak Point produce market on the nearby branch.
On weekdays I believe the train coming back from tends to cross the Hell Gate Bridge around 7am...give or take a few hours.
  by DogBert
There always seems to be something moving around on weekdays. In the afternoon (say, 3pmish) the run over to the market takes place. Probably some switching before they head over there. I'm not sure how much switching they do of the train in from fresh pond. They probably cut the green trash cars to bring to harlem river. The rest probably sits where it comes in and is coupled to the outbound selkirk train later in the evening/night.

The area is significantly better than it used to be. I wouldn't walk around with a big dslr in the open, but I wouldn't do that in times square either. Just keep your wits about you and you'll be fine. There's usually plenty of cops around because they use the pisser at the yard office.

Go to the Jetro parking lot. Nice view and plenty of people around.
  by ccutler
rode my bike there today...at 5:30pm yard trimmer working on the west end of the yard. Hunts Point switcher active in Hunts Point at 5:57; by 6:30 I didn't see the yard trimmer anymore...didn't know where it went.