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  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by DogBert
rb wrote:How long is the extended siding? Where does it start/end?

Very curious. I remember watching Conrail trains pass through Jackson Heights in the mid-90s when trains were regularly 15-20 cars long.

Here's a map of roughly where it is located: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=20&start=1860#p1493552" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; - it can be seen from a few overpasses.

I too recall those dark mid 90s days, sometimes they'd run light in one direction or the other. Now there isn't enough space, and the lower montauk is literally a parking lot.
  by rb
Thanks Dogbert, forgot about the graphic.
  by AlKaLI
Another morning and more outbounds on the siding. This morning 6:50 AM, a shorter string of cars north of the LIRR main. Empty centerbeam flats, covered hoppers (empty flour cars?) and several TBOX Railbox cars. Looks like all the empties from out east at BRT.
  by csx8851
gregorygrice wrote:
AlKaLI wrote:New siding and again something new. 4-30-19 7:00 AM. Over the LIRR main, loaded CDEX Gons rolling north/west on the siding towards Oak Point being met by a south/eastbound CSXT freight also moving. CSXT was led by SD40-2/GP38-2 plus more but couldn't see through the murk. Train had boxcars and covered hoppers up front. First time to see trains moving on both tracks.
NYA dropping putbound in the siding, CSX bringing inbound to Fresh Pond.
This is going to get real interesting when P&W starts coming to town.
  by gregorygrice
P&W has been coming to town Mon, Wed, Fri for the past couple of months now since the season started. Nothing has changed with their move. They bring the inbound in and leave 10-12 hours later with the outbound after their hotel rest.
  by DogBert
Came across CSX picking up Saturday morning right above the BQE. They went west over the bridge 20 minutes later with a solid set of 3 SD40-2s.

I'm assuming they brought the inbound train all the way to fremont, then came back to the north end of the siding to retrieve the outbound.
  by GojiMet86
466+8767 did a run this morning. They just passed over Astoria, deadheading to Oak Point.
  by AlKaLI
Nothing earth shattering. The same cut of cars that were over the LIRR main yesterday at 5:30 PM were still there at 7:00 AM today. Has to be inbound cars because with all the green COFC and covered hoppers, there was a loaded centerbeam flat with lumber. New siding seems to have cars on it almost every M-F.
  by csx8851
That cut of cars seemed to be picked up by NYA sometime between 12pm and 6pm on Tuesday.
  by GojiMet86
468+two 8800s ran light from Queens to Oak Point about 20 minutes ago (10:00 AM). Now 8832+8844 are running with cars from Queens to the Bronx (10:20 AM). Wonder why the two consists were heading up, about 20 minutes from each other.
  by AlKaLI
Outbound moving into place on the new siding. Boxcars up front and then a long string of black and grey C&D gons. 6:50 AM over the LIRR main.
  by AlKaLI
Outbound cars on the new siding. Green COFC near Queens Blvd. followed by boxcars and over the LIRR Main the empty LIRR rail train. Most likely heading for another load of welded rail. There has been a lot of trackwork and new mainlines being done on Long Island. New rails and ballast being laid down. 6:50 AM today
  by Train2009
At 3:09 PM this afternoon it looked like a Oak Point bound train was over the LIRR Main Line.
  by expbusop
6:20am today observed long cut of C&D general freight on the Oak Point Link stretching from Harlem River Yard to almost 161st. No engines in sight. Probably cut off green trash cars on the head end and switched into trash facility. 7:20am on way back cut of cars still there. Also from Willis Ave Bridge noticed train headed from Queens to Oak Point.
  by csx8851
Last Sunday at approx 6:30pm, I happened to noticed two CSX GE Widecabs running light north on the mainline. The crew stopped on the south end of the new siding to put the EOT on the tail end of the outbound freight from NYA. After coupling to the front of the train, the crew headed north at approx 7:00pm.

It just doesn't seem to feel the same without the ex-Conrail SD60Ms. Its just something about the presence of these units that have captivated me ever since.
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