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General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by GP30
A month later, I am still "Pending Manager Interview". The post posting for my area re-posted on 12/9 through 12/14. Still looks like I'm in good shape, just curious why the job was reposted. I'm assuming not enough qualified candidates to interview besides myself and whoever else at this point. Hoping to get that interview soon after the new year.
  by GP30
I went to a hiring session on Monday 12/22. I am surprised that the status on the website says " Second Attempt to Schedule an Interview" instead of "selected/pool/not selected/interview completed", etc...

What does that status mean. Should I call HR on Monday and find out?
  by GP30
I got the "Not Selected" email at 3:15 on Friday. I really thought I had it in the bag with a good, solid interview and prior RR experience to back me up. Disappointing, but oh well. CSX postings for this area are usually as rare as hens teeth, but there are a couple section jobs I also applied for that are still up.
  by tslo91
I'm pretty sure that my status said the same for a little while. I wouldn't worry about it, I believe I read on here that is a standard thing. I wouldn't get to worried with it being the holiday season you should either get the call or email with in a couple days. It should change after you either accept the conditional offer or if they give you the sorry but better luck next time email. Good luck. I recently finished up all the medical testing and background check. I'll be at the redi on 1/12/15.
  by gobucks90
When you finish REDI do they fly you back and you start working the next day or do they give you a week after REDI before you start? I'm curious because I have to move to be able to work where I've been hired out of and will have to start looking for apartments.
  by LocoCam
Leave Redi on Fri, Start Mon morning.
  by Luckypunky
Anybody going to REDI for signals on January 26th? Hired out of indianapolis
  by Philly117
Alright, so, the struggle is real!

Applied: 10 NOV 2014.
"Hiring Session Invite": 21 NOV 2014.
Hiring Session: 05 DEC 2014. (showed up 2 hours early and ended up being #6 to interview. 18 of 21 candidates invited showed.)
"Under Consideration" 09 DEC 2014. (Status remained this way for a while.)
"Move to Offer": 09 JAN 2015. (Immediately called HR. Apparently they tried to call me and the call didn't go through. Take that for what its worth.)
Scheduled appointments for Strength Test and Physical. Submitted all background check information same day. 09 JAN 2015
Physical and Drug screening: 14 JAN 2015
Strength Test: 16 JAN 2015 (Took about 90 minutes. Step test was really simple. Biodex, on the other hand, will leave you feeling horrible about yourself. Give it all you have. BUT HEAR THIS! I'm scrawny! 6' 2" and 165lbs and I passed. )
Now, here is where it gets to be a pain in the rear. I received a call from CSX about a few medications that I was taking previously. They want my doctor to fax in the past 2 office visits treatment notes and they also want him to verify that I can perform this job safely while on these medications. Completely understandable. Only a couple problems with this, I no longer take these meds (should be a good thing, right?) and I absolutely despise the fact that I have to rely on somebody else for something that whether they do or don't do the requested items its no skin off their nose. Other than that, Its all been good news. That same phone call from CSX medical staff I learned that all off my medical, drug and background screenings were good to go. Now all I have to do is wait on this PA to submit his info.
I was notified early of a REDI start date tentatively scheduled for 30 MAR 2015 but could be moved closer if the previous candidates didn't do so well or got bumped out to a date of 23 FEB 2015. That would be much nicer.
I am hiring out of Jacksonville, FL. Anybody else out there for this area I sure would like to get some information from you. I did notice at the hiring session or all the people I asked. There weren't very many individuals that were military or prior military. I figured this was a little strange considering of the amount of military they do hire. Any thoughts? Thanks for any response!
  by Miz860
What posin is this for? I noticed your name is Philly, I am in the process for conductor out of Philadelphia, but I want to move to Jacksonville someday. Anyway I have started a thread called Updated CSX Hiring Process, check it out......
  by Philly117
My mistake. This is for Freight Conductor located in Jacksonville, FL. Philly is only referring to my real name....Phil, Philip, Phlip or whatever anybody chooses to call me. I'm impartial.
  by Philly117
So, I have had the status or "Pre-Employment Screening in Progress" since 10 JAN 2015 and here we are at 04 FEB 2015. I have completed everything and have even been told that my Medical has cleared over a week ago. Has anybody had an experience close to this? I really don't want to bother the HR people. Makes me feel rude, then again, You have to look out for yourself. Any help is appreciated! I'm trying my best to be patient.
  by Frank392
My timeline so far...
Applied Dec 2014
Email for interview 2/7/15
Interview 2/8/15
Call for Job offer 2/9/15
Submitted Info for background 2/10/15
Medical Physical with drug test 2/13/15
Physical Capabilities Test 2/19/15.

Now I just waiting on my HR rep to call me with test results and hopefully a REDI start date if everything is good. She told me she was going to be back from vacation on 2/23 so hopefully it won't be long after then that I get a call.
I was interview with 9 other guys for a freight conductor job in Rocky Mount, NC. I got to the hotel an hour early byt was interviewed #4 because the woman at the counter let me sit in the lobby 30mins before telling me there was a sign in sheet. I live about 30mins from there so the commute wouldn't be long if I got the job. At the start of the interview the instructor told us they were looking to hire 2-4 ppl from that session so that made me a lil nervous. He went over a few things about the company and basically to us what to expect from the lifestyle. It didn't bother me at all though. He basically told us that during our interviews we should sell ourselves to him on why we should get the job. I just told him during mine that I realized I was the youngest guy there (22) and that I could easily adapt to the lifestyle with me having no kids nor wife at the time I didn't mind waking up a 2am and going to work in another state and being on call 24/7. I have nothing tying me down atm. I wanted to find a career now while I'm still young instead of being 35-40 and still looking. I also explained to him that 2yrs earlier I had had an ticket for an open alcohol container (stupid mistake but I wasn't Drinking while driving). He asked me did I have to take a breathalyzer and I told him yes but the trooper didn't tell me the results so I guessed I passed. I didn't receive a DUI either. Only the ticket and a misdemeanor for littering because I threw the can out the window while going around a blind curve. The trooper was there as soon as the curve ended so he saw me before I saw him. After I left the interview I realized I had stuck my foot in my mouth telling him about the Open Container ticket but oh well it was too late then. I still got a call the very next day offering me a job pending drug and physical test results. Today I took the Physical Strength Test and I must admit this I am extremely worried about. I feel like I gave it my all but since reading a few threads on this forum I've seen ex-military fail and it has got me worried. I haven't worked out in almost 2yrs but I do have a pretty physical demading job right now. I'm 5'11 270lbs. I've gained about 50lbs since high school so I lost some speed and a little strength too lol. I know I did fine on the step test but its the Isokenetic (sp?) that has me concerned. My drug test is fine im sure, just waited on the confirmation and im sure my background is good also but still waiting on the confirmation from that too. Hopefully it won't take too long the get my strength test results. I did hear the little machine play the "hooray" tone after every rep so maybe that's a plus.
  by Philly117
I was extremely worried about my strength test as well. I am prior military and read the same results that you did and it made me nervous. The sounds the machine make are irrelevant and have no meaning to your results. The test works off a lot of different factor with 2 of the main factors being height and weight. The heavier you are the stronger your joints should be, and so on. I am tall and skinny, 6' 2" and 160lbs. When I talked to the nurse giving me my results she expressed "you did extremely well on your strength test" when all I could think about is how they are going to see my results and laugh while clicking the DENY button. It took them almost 2 weeks to get me my results and my REDI date has been moved to May 25th. bummer. It was definitley one of the most unnerving couple weeks in my entire life. I did ask as many questions as I could though. "How many people actually fail their strength test?" Their response was "Not very many at all." Hopefully you can get a start date faster than me. Let us know when you get your results back! Best of luck.
  by Frank392
Got the Ready To Hire email on Feb 27th. Now just waiting on my REDI start date. Hopefully it's soon, maybe even before the month is out.
  by ToughGo
Is it common for someone to interview multiple times. I've interviewed for conductor 4 times since 2011. I'm addicted to applying. I need an opinion.... As far as Im concerned I'm either gonna get hired or it'll be the best time I've ever wasted. LOL
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