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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by nessman
Not looking good...

From this week's Rochester Business Journal:

RG&E looks to natural gas for future of Russell Station

Redevelopment of the Russell Station power plant is likely to involve natural gas rather than clean coal, Rochester Gas and Electric Corp. president and CEO James Laurito said. RG&E plans to spend as much as $800 million to turn the Greece facility into a natural-gas or clean-coal-powered plant by 2014.

  by SST
So you're going to get screwed twice. Your gas bill for heating will go up because demand will be higher and supplies will be tighter. Your electric bill will now get higher because they are using gas....higher gas prices mean higher electric prices too.

To make it a green operation it will take more green from your pockets. I'm more for a cleaner coal operation than I am for a gas operation. The gas companies are already asking for a price increase for this coming season. Looks like I'll have to buy 3 cords of wood this year.

  by nessman
How about more wind turbine towers to invade your air space? :-D

  by SST
Don't get me started! Between the cell phone towers and now the wind turbines....how am I suppose to chase a train by plane now? Screw technology...burn coal!

There is no technology to replace anything that we have today. Coal is probably the cheapest but it is the dirtiest. Gas is cleaner than coal but it will be costly. Nuclear is probably the cleanest of all up front but you have to deal with the spent rods for the next 10,000 years or so. I'm not convinced wind energy is all that good because you have to have a primary sourse of electricity when the winds aren't blowing.

I was flying the other night along the Niagara River and the new wind turbines were lit up pretty well. Very bright red flashing ID lights.

  by driftinmark
check into coal gassification, cheap and clean...........dont know why more arent looking into this stuff

sorry, edited for clarification

http://www.fossil.energy.gov/programs/p ... oneer.html

  by NS59
Well, figured as this train would soon be a thing of the past (anyone know an approx. shut down date) I would give an attempt at filming and photographing this train in the next few months. As I approached the Rochester area I heard the B791 on the move and my hopes were high. However, after reaching Maple off Mt Read and seeing no coal cars and then hearing the B791 switching liquitane , I realized I was out of luck. Maybe next time I guess.

  by roadster
I believe Russel is in it's midjuly shutdown. A yearly thing. But I understand from my Roch. friends that it comes to an all time end in October or November.

  by lakeshoredave
The Charlotte Runner has an iffy future.

Best Regards,
Eli Manning With The NY Giants

  by roadster
Even without the Russel coal trains, the runner still is host to the nightly B794 kodak job which depending on how many outbounds and work at Werhauser will still utilize the Runner to Charlotte for runaround moves in the west yard.

  by Mike Walsh
does CSX still serve the "box shop"? I've heard references to the box shop, but have not seen or heard any action regarding switching of the Box Shop....

  by conrail71
The "box shop" is the Weyehauser referred to in Roadster's post. They are located on oddly enough Boxart St. off of Lake ave.

  by nessman
Well, with the downsizing of Kodak Park - even the future of traffic to/from Kodak Park is in doubt.

  by conrail6479
don't forget that the R & S runs on the Charlotte Runner

  by nessman
conrail6479 wrote:don't forget that the R & S runs on the Charlotte Runner
They do not. R&S trackage to Kodak Park parallels the Charlotte Runner.

  by roadster
Suffice to say that with what traffic remains. That may change soon enough so don't delay much longer.
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