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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in the American Midwest, including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas. For questions specific to a railroad company, please seek the appropriate forum.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in the American Midwest, including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Kansas. For questions specific to a railroad company, please seek the appropriate forum.

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  by Emmo213
Where would CrazyEights be right now? I had heard there was a website to track her movement but I have yet to find it. Just curious.

  by craltoona
Hey Emmo213!

That's an excellent question! In fact, I asked it not to long ago before the old railroad.net went off line. I got pleanty of responses. A few months ago, people said they saw it all over Ohio, but the most valuable response given to me was from a gentleman who gave me a 1-800 number for CSX that can track anything without an account and for free! Since then I have been tracking CSX 8888 for about 2 1/2 months. Over that time, it has spent nearly all of its time running between Jacksonville FL, Greensboro NC, Waycross GA, and everywhere in between. I've checked it almost daily, hoping it would make its way up here so I could take a picture, but the farthest north it ever got was Louisville KY about 2 months ago, then it went south again. Oddly enough, over the past week, the computer has told me that info on 8888 is unavailable. Its last known location was Ashland SC a week ago. Perhaps it is being serviced.

You know after telling you this, I couldn't NOT give the tracking number!


This is completely automated, so don't worry about an employee answering. Simply follow the prompts. After listening a few times about how to use the system, you'll be good to go! Also, CSX just recently integrated several major databases into their system. This means you can trace any major railroad's locomotives and equipment (regular or maintanace) even if the equipment has nothing to do with CSX. Even DM&IR stuff is on there. If there are any problems or questions let me know and I'll answer them. Enjoy, this system is amazing!!! :D

  by craltoona

I can't believe it. I checked the computer and CSX 8888 has finally made it out of the deep south and is comming to Willard, Ohio!!! Get your cameras ready, crazy eights could be making an appearnce around the Cleveland area shortly. It's about time!!!(3-24-04) :D :D :D

  by Emmo213
Wow, that number is awesome! 8888 is in Pa right now, but it didn't say where she was
off to next. I guess I'll just have to keep listening to see where it is. Between the people on
the board we'll be able to find out when she's back in town. Thanks!.

  by zwsplac
What is so special about this engine? Is it just the number?

  by matt
#8888 was the unit that lead an un-manned train out of Toledo's Stanley Yard a few years back. It wasn't caught up to and controlled for about an hour when another locomotive caught up to the train from behind and was able to use its brakes to slow it enough for another crew man to bring it to a complete stop, near the town of Kenton, OH.

  by craltoona
Hey zwsplac,

Unless you live in Ohio or the immediate region of southern Michigan or western Indiana, CSX 8888 probably doesn't mean much to you. In may of 2001, CSX 8888 lead a 45 car train from wallbridge yard on a 70 mile journey towards Columbus unmanned. Speeds reached 50mph at times. The train was finally stopped when another engine caught the train from behind, coulped to and slowed it down to the point where someone was able to jump on crazy eights and apply the brakes. 1 1/2 years later CSX 8888 picked a switch in stanley yard which caused it to derail along with 4 other cars on its train, including even more cars on two adjacent tracks. CSX 8888 has made a reputaion for itself, but perhaps it is so famous because 8888 is a really easy number to remember. I, along with many others, have tried to photograhpy this locmotive but it went south for a while. Now it's back!

The computer told me it was going to Willard a few days ago, but it stopped in Connelsville, PA. As of this post, I just checked it, and it has unfortunately turned around and gone to Cumberland Maryland, but at least it's in the region now. We'll all keep tracking it and hope it shows up in Ohio shortly.

:D - Joe M.

  by zwsplac
Oh, yes, I remember reading about the runaway train incident. It made the front page of our local newspaper, and I was especially interested, because I used to live in Ada, Ohio, about 15 miles west of Kenton. Anyway, it sounds like this engine might be a bit jinxed!

  by O-6-O
HI Buckeyes; I,m new to this forumn and a little late to this but I saw
8888 sd-40 in Dewitt yard as the 3rd unit on the point of a westbound
autorack. I don,t know the symbol. The date was some time around
late Feb or early March. My nephew who works Lines West out of
Frontier Yard ran her in Jan. I didn,t know that these engines roam
about like they do.


  by craltoona
You're Right!

CSX 8888 was here about a couple of weeks ago but didn't stay long. It made it all the way up to Detroit, then it went to Cincinnatti, where it finally made a full journey back to Jacksonville. Over the passed few days it's been in New Orleans, parts of Alabama and Mississippi, and as of now, it's in Pensicola Fl. This thing sure does get around!!! :)

  by chessie8212
What is the alpha code for a locomotive? I tried the number but I can't figure out how to track locomotives...

  by craltoona
For CSX, you must type "CSXT 8888" to get any CSX equipment. To track equipment make sure you type in these letters on the phone first, hit the pound button, then 8888, then the pound button twice. I hope I've interpreted and answered your question right. :)

>>>By the way, CSXT 8888 is back in Indiana again after being in Georgia and Florida for a few weeks!
  by O-6-O
Hey Toona; Thanks for the CSX 800 number, this is cool. I like the fact
it will track all roads. Not to bad to use after you get the hang of it.
Checked quad 8 just for kicks it's back in Atlanta as of 4/27. I tested this
system on 2 locos I know their whereabouts and the system was right
on. I,m going to check on some cars on a siding (NYS&W) near my home.
Thanks again for the number this will be some fun.