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  by hhoran
Looking for help as to the exact timing (closest year) of the big station cutbacks of the 70s/80s. Stations eliminated were Calumet Harbor, Wilson, Bailey, Port Clinton, Tamarack, Springville, Tee Lake, Smityh, Lake Park, Lydick and Chain O'Lakes. Were these all eliminated at once or were there a couple rounds of cuts?

Also does anyone know when (in the 60s) the 124th Street station was eliminated?

Thanks in advance

  by MikeF
You'll find some answers in this previous discussion about flag stop eliminations: http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6984

I'll see if I can dig up some more specific dates and post them.

  by Tadman
Was 124th just south of the IC interchange on K&E trackage? I've never heard of this station.

  by MikeF
I've never heard of a station at 124th Street either, but you're correct, 124th Street is the first crossing east of Kensingon.

  by hhoran
124th Street is still shown as a pax stop in the 1962 tt; it was gone by 72

There were also pre-war flag stops at Parsons and Bridge, between 124th Street and Ford City (Calumet Harbor)

  by Tadman
Those must be the most useless flag stops known to man. There's nothing but woods there now, I can't imagine anything existed there 80 years ago. That was the sticks back in those days.

  by Tadman
So I paid attention today while riding the train, and there is NOTHING at this location - I made sure it was the first crossing east of kensington. From here, the only thing around pre-1940 was Pullman, which was minimum 1-mile, or the Mills on the east side of lake calument, which must have been minimum half hour walk as well.

Check this out: go to google maps, look up hegewisch, follow the tracks to the point west of there where cottage grove ave is parallel, then cuts across the tracks and immediately stops. That's 124th crossing.

What do you say to getting our works boots on a digging up the little orange shelter, if there even was one?

  by PRRGuy
I'm sure Mr MikeF would have more to add on this subject as I'm not too familiar with that area just yet.

Tadman, which train were you on today?

  by MikeF
PRRGuy wrote:I'm sure Mr MikeF would have more to add on this subject
Aww geez, I was hoping to get off easy on this one.

As for stuff at 124th Street ... there are a few industries in that area now. I can't say for certain, but I'd guess there was more there years ago. I know there used to be a lot more tracks there, including an interchange with a Rock Island branch. I've poked around the area a few times (the surrounding neighborhood isn't great, but the 124th Street crossing is so remote there's nobody around to bother you there) and there is no evidence of a former station to be found.

  by hhoran
Here's an updated list of postwar flag stops, including MP location:

A: discontinued between 1947-1961
17-Ford City
21-White Oak Avenue

B: discontinued between 1961-1971
15-124th Street
54-Lake Shore (pretty sure service ended in 62)

C: discontinued between 1972-1991
17-Calumet Harbor
30.2- Gary Buchanan St
46-Port Chester
51.4-Tamarack Pines
67-Tee Lake
73.9 Lake Park
84-Chain O Lakes

As MikeF indicated in the previous thread, service ended at Ambridge St, Dune Acres, Keiser, Laumier, Rolling Prarie and New Carlise in 1994. I know of four (Bridge, Hillside, Saugunay, Olive and Fisher) closed prior to WW2.
Looking to try to pin down the dates these other stops dropped out of the timetable.

  by MikeF
hhoran wrote:Here's an updated list of postwar flag stops, including MP location
Miles from Randolph Street, perhaps? The mileposts start in South Bend.

  by PRRGuy
Yes, the mileposts go from South Bend. Milepost 75 would be right about next to the paint factory. I don't believe those are the station numbers either Ex: Randolph St is 1, Gary is 19 but there are gaps in between. I'll have to check up on that.

  by hhoran
yes, I meant public timetable distances (from Randolph Street)

  by Tadman
I rode again today, noticed the 124th crossing, and still don't understand its use. Maybe for campers.

  by PRRGuy
Don't you just love the "smooth" ride over there by the M.P.74 x-over? lol

Every so often there's a car at that crossing..not sure what's over there though.

On another some what related note. There's a small yard on the west side of our main over there sometimes it has a few cars in it. Whose tracks are/were those?