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  by PRRGuy
On my way into work on the toll road thru Gary I saw a pair of CSS locos coupled up to a CSX gp-38-2 and a U.P. widecab unit on a freight train on the CSX main (ex-B&O). When did Southshore Freight start having pool power?
Also, where do the CSS trains come off the onto the CSX?

  by Tadman
CSS interchanges with B&O at Miller, underneath the bridge. I know CSS has been using big GE's from CSX on these coal trains lately, so it may be their trade back you saw or run thru power. It amazes me that these coalers are hauled cross-country on low-grade lines using big GE's, then over the razorback profile CSS by little 38's ...

  by dinwitty
I know the diesels allow the South Shore to go beyond its trackage boundaries, which I believe they do as I think there is customership for the South Shore not direct on SS line aside from the usual industries.

  by MikeF
To my knowledge, SouthShore Freight does not serve any customers that are not located along its tracks -- but keep in mind, the freight side owns a large amount of trackage separate from NICTD's passenger main line. There is a freight train that regularly runs to Dolton via CSX, though.

  by PRRGuy
Perhaps that's what i saw. It makes sense...I've seen the South Shore engines in the East Chicago yard before also but never gave it much thought.

  by CSX ENG
The South Shore delivers cars to Barr Yard daily, usually between 1100-1500. Then they run "lite" to East Chicago Yard where they pick up cars bound for their railroad......

  by PRRGuy
east chicago yard eh?..sounds like it'd be pretty easy to get an engine on display up in whiting for railroad days. Too bad we can't spare an engine.