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  by Tadman
I've never seen CSS geeps on CRL trackage east of the I-94 Bishop Ford, but today they were parked there. Also, there were lots of trucks surrounding the locomotives, any idea what happened?

I posted a new pic or two here:

Also some other interesting CSS and Chicago area pics.

  by PRRGuy
Oh, yeah..I heard about that today. I guess one of the freight crews derailed about 3 cars plus loco..not sure which one. I also heard they spilled about 2000 gallons of diesel fuel....at 125th st? something like that.
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  by Tadman
that's exactly where it was, and roughly what it looked like - the trucks belonged to a hazardous waste company - likely there to clean up the waste. I avoided taking pics of any people or close-ups - no sense in getting anybody in trouble because it's none of my business.

  by Tadman
update: the hazmat trucks are still tooling around the area, and five green hazardous waste dumpsters are parked along the access road sandwiched between I-94 and the yard. Possibly just lifting the contaminated dirt and disposing of it.